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Florida Atlantic Basketball

#10 Florida Atlantic Owls Soar to Victory Over Eastern Michigan Eagles

Opening Tip

In a high-octane clash that had basketball fans on the edge of their seats, the Florida Atlantic Owls team emerged triumphant against the Eastern Michigan Eagles 100-57 on November 14th. The Owls showcased their skill, determination, and teamwork in a game that will surely be remembered as one of the highlights of their season. From the opening tip-off, both teams displayed intensity and a hunger for victory. The Owls, however, managed to seize control early on, establishing a lead that they would not relinquish throughout the game. Their offensive prowess and defensive tenacity proved to be the winning combination against a formidable Eastern Michigan squad.

Owls Offense

Many of the standout performers for the Owls was senior guard, Bryan Greenlee, whose exceptional shooting 4-4 for 12 points and court vision five astssits played a pivotal role in the team’s success. Greenlee’s ability to sink crucial three-pointers and create scoring opportunities for his teammates kept the Eagles on the back foot throughout the game. Owls senior guard Brandon Weatherspoon was also perfect from the floor going 6-6 with 16 points along with four rebounds. The Owls’ frontcourt dominance was led by the towering presence of center Vladislav Goldin. Goldin’s commanding presence in the paint, combined with his scoring ability and shot-blocking prowess, made him a force to be reckoned with. His 19 points 5 rebounds one blocked shot performance underscored the Owls’ commitment to controlling the boards and protecting their basket.

Finally Buzzer

While the Owls offense shone, their defense was equally impressive. The team’s tenacious full-court press and timely steals disrupted Eastern Michigan’s rhythm and limited their scoring opportunities. FAU’s commitment to a balanced game, both offensively and defensively, demonstrated the team’s depth and versatility. The Eagles, to their credit, fought valiantly to stay in the game. They showcased their own skill and determination, engaging in a back-and-forth battle with the Owls. However, the consistency and composure displayed by the FAU men’s basketball team proved to be the decisive factor. As the final buzzer sounded, the scoreboard told the story of the Owls’ triumph – a well-earned victory with a final score of 100-57 that reflected their dominance on the court. The win against Eastern Michigan not only adds another notch to the Owls’ early-season record but also serves as a statement of intent for the rest of their campaign.




Bryant Bulldogs Secure Thrilling Upset Victory Over #10 Florida Atlantic

Stunning Victory

In a stunning turn of events on November 18th, the Bryant University men’s basketball team pulled off a remarkable 61-52 upset against Florida Atlantic, showcasing their resilience and determination on the court. The Bulldogs entered the game as underdogs but left the court with heads held high after a thrilling performance that left fans in awe. From the opening tip-off, Bryant set the tone with an aggressive and fast-paced style of play that caught Florida Atlantic off guard. The Bulldogs’ relentless defense disrupted the Owls’ offensive rhythm, forcing turnovers and converting them into quick transition points. Head coach Phil Martelli Jr’s strategic game plan seemed to be working to perfection, and the team executed flawlessly.

Bulldogs Players

Bryant’s standout player of the night was Bryant’s star guard, Sherif Gross-Bullock. The dynamic playmaker showcased his scoring prowess  with 19 points and outstanding rebounding with 11 rebounds, leading the team with a combination of three-pointers, mid-range jumpers, and crafty drives to the basket. Gross-Bullock’s ability to create opportunities for himself and his rebounding kept Florida Atlantic scrambling throughout the game. The Bulldogs backcourt played a crucial role in the upset victory. Senior guard Earl Timberlake also dominated the boards, pulling down 12 rebounds and three steals providing a strong inside presence. His tenacity in the paint not only limited second-chance opportunities for Florida Atlantic but also opened up scoring opportunities for his teammates. Bulldogs forwards Daniel Rivera 12 points 7 rebounds and Connor Withers 7 points 7 rebounds.

Final Score

As the game reached its climax, Bryant found themselves in a back-and-forth battle with Florida Atlantic. The lead changed hands multiple times in the opening minutes, creating an atmosphere of nail-biting excitement in the arena. With 11:08 to go in the second half Bryant’s guard Gross-Bullock mad a three pointer giving them a 44-37 lead. Bryant’s forward Connor Withers mad a three pointer with 8:55 to go in the second half making it a 47-39 lead. 2:10 to go in the game Bryant made a free throw making it 57-49, then Bryant’s Earl Timberlake would make a layup giving them a 10 point lead 59-49 with 1:42 to go. In the end, it was Bryant’s composure and clutch performances in crucial moments that secured the upset victory. The final score, Bryant 61, Florida Atlantic 52, serves as a testament to the Bulldogs’ determination and resilience. The win not only boosts the team’s confidence but also sends a message to the college basketball world that Bryant is a force to be reckoned with this season.



Florida Atlantic Playing on Thanksgiving Day

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Florida Atlantic Football

Tulane Green Wave 24-8 Over Florida Atlantic

In a college football match-up, the #24 Tulane Green Wave emerged victorious over Florida Atlantic in a high-stakes encounter on November 18th. The matchup showcased the resilience and determination of the Green Wave, who overcame formidable opposition to secure a memorable win.

First Half

The first half set the tone for the intense battle that unfolded on the field. Both teams displayed defensive prowess, denying their opponents any significant breakthroughs. The first score of the game came when Tulane quarterback Michael Pratt completed a 9-yard pas to Chris Carter, setting the stage for a nail-biting contest. The Green Wave’s offensive strategy began to gain momentum in the second quarter, with quarterback Michael Pratt orchestrating an impressive drive. Precise passes and strategic plays allowed Tulane to breach Florida Atlantic’s defenses, culminating in a spectacular touchdown when Pratt found Chris Brazzell II for a 9-yard score. The halftime score reflected Tulane’s dominance, with the Green Wave holding a solid 14-0 lead.

Second Half

The third quarter saw Tulane’s offense push there lead even farther, with their offense pushing hard Pratt found Chris Carter for 8-yard touchdown pass. Tulane would add a 20-yard field goal at the end of the third quarter making it a 24-0 lead. However, Tulane’s defense stood firm, thwarting each attempt from the Owls offense with exceptional tackles and strategic interception. The Green Wave’s defense ability to maintain their composure under pressure showcased their resilience and determination. The standout performance came from Tulane’s star quarterback Michael Pratt 252-yards and three touchdowns, delivered a jaw-dropping performance with his arm strength and accuracy that left the opposing defense scrambling to contain him. His remarkable athleticism and vision on the field proved instrumental in securing the Green Wave’s triumph. The game concluded with Florida Atlantic scoring a fourth quarter touchdown, when quarterback Daniel Richardson completed a 4-yard pass to Kahlil Brantley with 8:58 to go in the game. As the game ended with the Tulane Green Wave emerging victorious, the final score reflecting their hard-fought win. The players and coaching staff celebrated the well-deserved triumph, recognizing the significance of this victory in their pursuit of excellence in the competitive college football landscape.


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