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You must be living under a rock if you haven’t yet heard about the terrible damage that is currently occurring to the Amazon rainforest. For multiple weeks the lungs of the Earth have been amidst flames and destruction. This year has been recorded as the highest amount of fires and deforestation for the Amazon. Thankfully the rainy season for them will be starting soon but this cannot be good for our planet.


Amazon on Fire?!


Yes, the Amazon does catch fire. In fact, every year it catches fire. Forest fires are common in this area not only due to the heat, but because of deforestation. Deforestation is when people chop down or burn an area of forest to make room for something else. In these areas, people use the newly deforested land for pastures or crop growing. Since the Amazon is more than known as being one of the most rich in life areas, you could imagine that farmers see this area as the cream of the crop when it comes to soil. However, due to this deforestation, more areas of the Amazon may catch flame if its too hot, or the flames are not controlled as well as planned. According to those studying the Amazon, these deforestation attempts have led to accidents where these fires have spread at an astronomical level.


Amazon Astronomically Altered


The fires this year marks more than an 80% increase from 2018 according to the National Institute of Space Research. This is an unacceptable increase for our world. At this rate the lungs of the Earth are going to be devastated beyond repair. Only if we alter our plans can we stop a time of intense climate change. If unaltered, you better believe we will be seeing some extreme cases of weather and climate change. These fires could change not only the Amazon, but the world as we know it.


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