Phillip Rivers is released from the Los Angeles Charges as of Monday. After 16 years playing for the Chargers, will River be drafted on to another team? Rivers has only ever played on this team and has most of the Quarterback Passing records on the team. According to him, he is still healthy and has plenty to offer for the high level of play the NFL requires. As of the 2020 season, he will be a free agent and be open to any team in the NFL.


Phillip Rivers Career so Far


Rivers has a long a decent career on the Chargers. He recorded just under 60,000 yards and 397 touchdowns. It is safe to say that leaving this team will be no easy feat for him. Rivers is now conditioned and trained to be a Charger through and through. He’s made comrades, friends and has close bonds with his players. However, it is now time for him to look forward in his career. There are many teams that could benefit from a veteran quarterback for a couple of years while they toughen up their rookies. A new wave of young people will be flooding into the ranks in the coming years.


Where is Rivers Going?


It is tough to say if anyone will bite after the past season he had. Phillip Rivers has definitely been steadily falling in the statistic department. The Los Angeles Chargers had a 5 – 11 2019 season and there isn’t a team who wants that. Also, he finished the season with a 23 – 20 touchdown-interception rating. Those are not good numbers whatsoever. Maybe, this marks an end for the era of Phillip Rivers. With plenty of other veteran quarterbacks looking to retire soon, we may be witnessing a whole new regimen. Tom Brady may be retiring soon and then you’ll be seeing an entirely different New England Patriots team as well. Next season will be having some earthshaking changes.