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Pull your heads out of the sand GOP! Denial is not just a river in Egypt…

John Avlon drops some wisdom on the Grand Ole Party and their willful ignorance surrounding all things Donald Trump. Former President Trump broke all norms and tried to shatter all of the unwritten rules of American political leadership. In the end, our institutions stood. Thanks to a few great Americans, most of which were Republican officeholders, who put their country before their own reputation and personal safety. By standing up to Donald Trump and his coup attempt on the American seat of power, these people literally saved our democracy. Yet, still to this very day, you will see that most rank and file republicans live in fear of Donald Trump, like political cowards, afraid to say anything critical about him. Even though the people that did stand up to him like Governor Brian Kemp in Georgia are highly regarded by the American voters having all won convincing re-elections.

Most republicans live in fear of facing former President Trump’s social media wrath combined with that of his followers and foreign bots that can drown out your entire online identity in about 2.3 seconds flat. It’s an understandable fear in the modern age. No one wants to be digitally destroyed and ousted from their place in the party. But, it must be overcome. For better or for worse the United States of America is a two-party system and will be for all of the foreseeable future. As such it is crucial for the country that we have a healthy and vibrant Republican Party. We simply have no time, or money, or energy, to spare on a Republican Party that denies elections, weakens institutions, and has endless pointless investigations. Investigations like the ones that idiot Jim Jordan, the embarrassment of Ohio, is currently cooking up in his Trump-loving and communist-sympathizing little pea brain of his right now. That man is truly repugnant and representative of everything that the Republican party needs to get rid of to recover its reputation with the voters of the greatest country on Earth.

It’s time for the republicans, the so-called adults in the room, to grow up!

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Patrick Zarrelli

Tech CEO, Aggressive Progressive, and Unrelenting Realist. @PJZNY Across the Web!!!

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