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DeSantis and His Career of Pretending to be Trump

Ron DeSantis, the current Governor of Florida, has drawn attention for his political style and policy positions that align with former President Donald Trump. While it is important to note that individual motivations and political strategies can vary, there are a few reasons why some perceive DeSantis as emulating Trump and adopting a combative approach towards the left.

  1. Political Alignment: Ron DeSantis is a member of the Republican Party, which has seen a significant shift in its political dynamics during the Trump era. Donald Trump’s presidency brought about a populist, nationalist, and confrontational style of politics that resonated with a substantial portion of the Republican base. DeSantis, like many other Republican politicians, may believe that adopting a similar approach can help him appeal to Trump’s supporters and maintain their loyalty.
  2. Political Aspirations: Ron DeSantis is often mentioned as a potential presidential candidate for the Republican Party in the future. Trump’s political success and the continued popularity he enjoys among Republican voters have led some politicians to emulate his style and policy positions in the hopes of gaining a similar level of support. By aligning himself with Trump’s approach and attacking the left, DeSantis may be aiming to position himself as a strong conservative leader capable of mobilizing the Republican base.
  3. Media Attention and Publicity: Adopting a confrontational stance and criticizing the left can garner significant media attention, particularly in today’s polarized political climate. Trump was a master at generating headlines and dominating the news cycle through controversial statements and actions. It’s possible that DeSantis, by following a similar playbook, aims to attract media coverage and increase his visibility, which can be advantageous for his political career.
  4. Ideological Alignment: DeSantis and Trump share some ideological positions, particularly on issues such as immigration, law and order, and economic policies. DeSantis may genuinely believe in these policy positions and perceive the left as a threat to what he sees as important conservative values. By attacking the left, DeSantis could be appealing to his conservative base and seeking to advance his policy agenda.

It’s important to note that these are general observations and perceptions, and individual motivations can vary. While DeSantis has been compared to Trump in certain aspects, it’s also worth recognizing that politicians can have their unique styles and approaches, and they may evolve independently based on their own political strategies and beliefs.

DeSantis Would Not Have Been Elected Without Trump

During his gubernatorial campaign in 2018, Ron DeSantis adopted some strategies and positions that were reminiscent of former President Donald Trump‘s political style. Here are some ways in which DeSantis appeared to emulate Trump during his campaign:

  1. Embracing Trump’s Endorsement: Ron DeSantis actively sought and received the endorsement of Donald Trump during his campaign. Trump’s endorsement carried significant weight among Republican voters, especially within the party’s base, and helped DeSantis solidify his credentials as a Trump-aligned candidate.
  2. Style and Rhetoric: DeSantis employed a combative and confrontational style similar to Trump. He used strong, attention-grabbing language and engaged in personal attacks against his opponents. This approach appealed to voters who appreciated Trump’s direct and confrontational style of politics.
  3. Immigration Stance: DeSantis took a hardline stance on immigration, echoing Trump’s calls for stronger border security and immigration enforcement. He emphasized the need to crack down on illegal immigration, echoing Trump’s rhetoric and policies on the issue.
  4. Focusing on Populist Themes: Like Trump, DeSantis emphasized populist themes in his campaign messaging. He positioned himself as a champion of the “forgotten” or “every day” Floridians and promised to fight against entrenched political elites and the establishment.
  5. Utilizing Social Media: DeSantis effectively used social media platforms, particularly Twitter, to communicate directly with voters and generate media attention. Trump was known for his active and controversial presence on Twitter, and DeSantis capitalized on this strategy to reach and engage with his base.

It’s worth noting that while DeSantis employed some Trump-like strategies, he also had his own political background and policy positions that contributed to his electoral success. Furthermore, it’s important to recognize that the success of any political candidate is influenced by a multitude of factors, including the specific political landscape, voter demographics, and the overall political climate at the time of the election.



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