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Governor Ron DeSantis has submitted a request for $98 million to fund the State Guard, a force that some are calling a private army of sorts. The State Guard was originally known as the Florida Defence Force and hasn’t been invoked since the era of WWII. In any case, the fact that a United States governor is asking to fund a massive army should concern people from both parties. Whether you’re on the left, the right, or anywhere in between, most would agree that the governor of Florida does not require an army that costs over $100 million. 

Although this force is called the State Guard, it has some concerning hallmarks of a private army. Private armies have caused havoc and chaos throughout the course of history as they are usually used by tyrannical leaders to impose their will upon the public. 

The Risks of Giving Governors the Power to Create Private Armies

As governors are elected officials responsible for the welfare and safety of their constituents, they hold considerable power in their respective states. However, the possibility of them creating their own private armies is a growing concern. Private armies are groups of armed individuals who can operate outside of the law and can be used to intimidate and silence opposition. 

Throughout history, private armies have posed a significant risk to democracy, the rule of law, and human rights. As such, it’s crucial to examine the risks of granting governors the power to create private armies and the potential consequences of such a dangerous trend.

What Is a Private Army?

A private army is a group of individuals who are armed and trained to undertake military or paramilitary activities. These armies may operate inside or outside of the government’s control. They are often created by wealthy individuals, corporations, or political entities to protect their interests, assets, or agenda.

In this case, there are concerns that the Governor of Florida is trying to turn what is formally known as the State Guard into some kind of private army to enforce his policies. Private armies are not subject to the same regulations and oversight as national military forces, making them difficult to monitor. As they are generally not accountable to the public, they can easily be used to violate human rights and undermine democratic values.

Exploring the Dangers of Giving Governors the Power to Create Private Armies

Governors are entrusted with significant power and responsibility to maintain law and order in their states. However, granting them the authority to create private armies poses considerable risks. Private armies may carry out activities that are illegal or unconstitutional, such as extrajudicial killings, unlawful detention, and torture. With questionable accountability, they can easily intimidate and silence opposition and subsequently posing a significant threat to democracy. Furthermore, private armies can be used to protect vested interests, such as corrupt politicians or businesses, instead of serving the public interest.

The Potential for Abuse of Power and Violation of Human Rights When Deploying Private Armies

Private armies can be used to suppress dissent and intimidate individuals or groups who oppose the governor’s agenda. This can lead to the violation of the right to free speech and assembly, as well as the right to life, liberty, and security. Additionally, private armies may target specific groups based on their ethnicity or political affiliation, leading to discrimination and persecution. Such actions would be a clear violation of human rights and would compromise the democratic values that our society holds dear.

The Impact of the Use of Private Armies on Democracy and the Rule of Law

The creation of private armies by governors poses a significant threat to democracy and the rule of law. They can intimidate and silence opposition, leading to a significant erosion of democratic values. This can lead to a breakdown of trust in the government and the justice system, further eroding the rule of law.

The Need for Accountability and Oversight in Preventing the Creation of Private Armies

To prevent the creation of private armies by governors, there is a need for accountability and oversight. The Federal government must ensure that governors are not granted the power to create private armies by hijacking or misusing state forces or engaging in any activities that are outside the law. There must be transparency regarding the sources of funding for any security measures or actions taken by state officials. 

Additionally, there must be effective oversight mechanisms in place to prevent any abuse of power by governors or other elected officials. This will ensure that democratic values and human rights are upheld and the rule of law is maintained.

The Governor’s Plans for a Funding a Private Army with Public Money Is a Call to Action 

Recently, the governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, has announced plans to fund a private army with public money. This has raised concerns among civil rights groups and the public in general, who fear that this could lead to a significant violation of democracy and human rights. 

The governor’s plans to create a private army pose a considerable risk to the rule of law and democratic values, and it’s crucial to take action to prevent this from happening. It’s time for a joint effort between the citizenry and the media to call for accountability and oversight to ensure that our democracy is protected and human rights are respected.


In conclusion, the risks of giving governors the power to create private armies cannot be ignored. Private armies can operate outside of the law and can be used to deteriorate the democratic process. 

The potential for abuse of power is too high, and the consequences of such actions could be disastrous. We must ensure that accountability and oversight mechanisms are in place to prevent the creation of private armies by governors and to preserve the spirit of democracy in Florida. The governor of Florida’s plans to fund a private army with public money represents a call to action for all citizens to protect our democracy and human rights.

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