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House Music Legend Hardwell Drops Awesome Set At Tomorrowland 2022.

Hardwell – Full EDM Set

DJ Hardwell had another great house music set at Tomorrowland 2022. It was a warm summer night, the vibe was tight, and the beats dropped just right! The crowd loved it as Hardwell delivered an electrifying new set for everyone to enjoy. Including an epic countdown and drop at 22 minutes into the set. Hardwell’s full set at Tomorrowland ran a full 60 minutes, almost to the second. You can watch the full set in the official Hardwell concert video down below this paragraph. The entire new set really slapped, he managed his set time really well as well, it was a musical adventure from start to finish. The set flowed and built up perfectly giving all the Tomorrowland house music junkies in attendance, exactly what they were looking for, great highs and epic drops!

Check out DJ Hardwell on YouTube.

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