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When it comes to saving the lives of the unborn, the Pro-Life crowd can be very vocal. Unfortunately, they are not as talkative when the time comes to see just how illogical and downright harmful their opinions are. With all of the time they spend arguing against abortion, they spend remarkably little time addressing the monumentally tragic failures that Pro-Life policies create. For example, multiple hospitals have now been implicated in a Federal probe after a woman in desperate need of emergency care could have died senselessly because of an anti-abortion policy. When policies designed for the unborn start interfering with the medical safety of the living, it’s time for a wake-up call, and that’s where we are at. 

Two hospitals refused to provide abortion care in a life-saving emergency situation because it went against policy. That decision has resulted in grotesquely unnecessary complications for the patient. It also put their life at risk. By refusing to perform an abortion that could help save a patient’s life, the hospitals in question violated the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act. Under the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act, hospitals that accept Medicare are expected to perform various stabilizing care in emergency situations which include performing abortions when they could help save a patient’s life. The real tragedy here is that the patient was not denied an abortion because of any purely medical reason; they were denied because of policy. This should be extremely alarming to anyone in possession of their faculties. This means that even if you are Pro-Life, you live in an area with hospitals that adhere to the same policies, and you needed an abortion to save your own life; you would have to take one for the team because of an insanely impractical and inhumane policy. Does that sound even remotely OK? Are you down with that? Probably not. This is why we, people from both sides of the issue, need to come together and make sense of each other to find a better way to deal with this particular debate. 

Why No Hospital Should Hesitate to Perform Abortions in Emergency Life-Saving Situations

Abortions performed in emergency life-saving situations can be necessary to save the life of the pregnant person. When a woman’s life is in danger due to complications of pregnancy, delaying or denying an abortion can have severe and potentially fatal consequences. Therefore, no hospital should hesitate to perform abortions in emergency life-saving situations. In such situations, healthcare providers must act quickly to provide the necessary care to save the pregnant person’s life. This may include performing an abortion if the continuation of the pregnancy poses a serious threat to the person’s health or life. Such emergency situations may arise in cases of ectopic pregnancy, severe pre-eclampsia or eclampsia, or when the pregnant person is experiencing severe hemorrhaging. Delaying an abortion in such situations can lead to severe complications such as sepsis, organ failure, or even death. The delay can also cause the patient to undergo more invasive and risky procedures, such as a hysterectomy. The decision to perform an abortion in an emergency situation should be made by the medical professionals involved in the care of the patient. This decision should be based on the medical evidence and the best interests of the patient’s health and life. It should not be based on personal beliefs or opinions that conflict with the patient’s medical needs.

How the Pro-Life Movement Causes More Damage to Society Than the Pro-Choice Movement

It is a common belief that the Pro-Life movement is solely focused on protecting the lives of unborn fetuses, while the Pro-Choice movement is focused on protecting the rights and autonomy of pregnant individuals. However, the Pro-Life movement’s stance on abortion can actually cause more harm to society than the Pro-Choice movement. Firstly, the Pro-Life movement’s insistence on criminalizing abortion can lead to unsafe and illegal abortions, which can result in serious health risks and even death for pregnant individuals. History has shown us that banning abortion does not stop it from happening; it only drives it underground, where it becomes more dangerous. According to the World Health Organization, approximately 25 million unsafe abortions occur worldwide each year, with the vast majority occurring in countries with restrictive abortion laws. By criminalizing abortion, the Pro-Life movement is contributing to this global public health crisis.

Secondly, the Pro-Life movement’s focus on restricting access to abortion can have far-reaching consequences for the well-being of pregnant individuals and their families. Restrictions on abortion can limit access to other reproductive health services, such as contraception and prenatal care, which can lead to unintended pregnancies and higher rates of maternal and infant mortality. Furthermore, restricting access to abortion can disproportionately impact low-income and marginalized communities, who may not have the resources or access to travel to another state or country where abortion is legal. By focusing solely on the fetus, the Pro-Life movement ignores the complex realities of pregnancy and parenthood and fails to provide the necessary support to families in need.

These Problems Won’t Go Away Until We Make Them Go Away

Unfortunately, the tragedies resulting from anti-abortion policies will continue to multiply until national and state policy returns to the realm of logic. The only way to accomplish this is to be active in local and national politics, network, and be vocal. Right now, there are millions of women living in fear because of the draconian Pro-Life policies that have been imposed upon so many parts of this country. Likewise, doctors and other people who want to help these women are also in fear. In Texas, doctors are so afraid of being implicated in helping facilitate an abortion they are becoming unwilling to transfer medical records out of state or make referrals for women seeking abortions beyond state lines. As recently as March 6th, five women filed a lawsuit against a number of entities, including the Texas Medical Board, after being denied potentially life-saving obstetrical care. The insanity must end. By working together, we can create real and meaningful change.

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