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If you have a business, big or small, that may not be doing great right now, then you may want to consider Google AdWords.  It is an affordable way to advertise to a specified audience for your products or services.  This site is one of the largest online, digital advertising ecommerce platforms that can assist you in reaching more consumers globally.  They will help your business reach more customers beyond your local area.  With Google AdWords assistance, business have increased their revenue greatly.  This site allows advertisers to target consumers based on specific keywords and phrases that are associated with their business, products, and services.  The advertising company pays Google to use specific words and phrases so their company ranks at the top of the search results page when someone uses those specific words or phrases.

Google AdWords is an online auction where you bid for clicks.  This site does not function exactly like a regular auction though.  Before you make any bids, do your research.  Find out which keywords and phrases are most relevant to your business and if you can afford it, bid high on those specific ones.  This will ensure you get more clicks and your business will profit more. Google AdWords considers the quality of the material that you are planning to put on there and not just the amount of money you are willing to pay.  You will be charged based on what is being advertised in your ads.  Google wants to make sure that consumers who are clicking on the ads get the best experience for what they are searching for online.  Your ads are placed on Google for free.

Google AdWords functions as an online platform where people and businesses of all types can advertise their products and services.  Here, you display ads for your business, products, and services you offer for sale on Google search engine pages.  It is a pay per click, or PPC, platform which means that you will only be charged when a consumer clicks on your ad that pops up when they enter the keywords or phrases that are associated with your company, products, and services that you advertised for sale.  If you have your company phone number listed in your ads then you will also be charged when a consumer clicks on it to call you directly from the search results page on Google.  The online auction site will allow you to use keywords or phrases that directly target your business as a priority over other ones that are your competitor.

There are two types of networks available on Google AdWords for you to advertise on.  No matter which one you decide to use, AdWords will improve awareness of your brand to the online community.  There is the search network and the display network.  Both of these networks work well for businesses and when utilized correctly, they help increase traffic to your website and increase your sales.

The search network on Google AdWords lets any company bid on keywords and phrases that are relevant to their company, products, and services they offer.  This type of advertising will make their company come up towards or at the top of the search results page when consumers use those specific words or phrases in their search query on Google.  The company that are shown at the top of the results page are the ones that have paid to be at the top.  Some companies will also have a small ad icon next to their result.

The other network on Google AdWords is the display network.  This will give the chance to advertisers to display banners on other websites that are part of that specific Google network.  By doing this, more consumers will be aware of your company and the products and services that you have to offer.

There are millions of websites on the internet currently.  You, unfortunately, are not the only company offering the services and products you have.  Partner sites will web host an image or a text ad that will appear on the search results page when consumers search for something.  If they use the keywords or phrases that are relevant to your business then those ads and images will show up right along with your business ads.  It is up to you to make your ad stand out more than the others.  Target with Google AdWords is a useful tool.  Any ad that the consumer clicks on will follow them to other Google sites like YouTube.  By doing this, conversion is improved and it will reduce your cost per click since you only paid for the one to get them to the other sites.  Imagine if you had to pay for each click on YouTube!  You, as the business owner, have the flexibility to choose which sites online web host your ads for your products.

Ad rank is an important concept on Google AdWords.  What this does is it ranks all of the ads that are placed on Google.  Live auctions are held in order for companies to secure their ads spot in the system.  The rank you want and the rank you actually get may be two different spots.  Your competitors as well as the prices they bid will determine the rank of the ads.  If your competitor pays more and has the same quality of an ad then they will be above you.  If you pay less but have better quality of an ad then you will be ranked above them.  Quality and cost are factors that affect your rank on Google.  To determine your actual ad rank, you take your maximum bid and multiple it by your quality score.  The higher your ad rank is, the higher your ad will be on the Google search results page.

Maximum bid is the highest amount of money you are willing to pay when a consumer clicks on your ad on Google.  Your quality score is how well your ad is optimized, how good your landing page is, what you are expecting the click through rate to be on your ads and the relevance of your specific ad to the consumers that are online.  If your ads on Google are of high quality and are performing exceptionally well, then you may be eligible for discounts on your cost per click fees.  This should be your incentive to make sure your ad is perfect.

Using Google AdWords can be time consuming for some but it will be well worth the effort you put into it.  You will want to make sure that the ads you place on Google are relevant to your specific business and products.  Make them interesting enough to get clicks but even more interesting to get return customers.  If you are a new business, you should focus on local attention at first.  Once you get a local, loyal following then you will want to expand more and more.  Your first step is to set realistic goals for what you want to do.  Are you building your brand or and you lead generation?  Your second step is you need to develop the audience for your company and products by determining who your products are intended for, what they do, what are they looking for specifically and what devices they are using when they are online the most.  Your third step is to research the keywords and phrases that are going to be relevant to what you are offering.  Use the keywords tool SEMrush to help you find the price of keywords and phrases, who your competitors are and the magnitude of search terms that are relevant to your company at every stage of marketing.  Step four is to make your Google AdWords account and structure different ad campaigns and ad groups.  Use the keywords and phrases that will generate more clicks for your company.  Step five is when you start placing ads online by bidding on the most relevant keywords and phrases that are strongly associated with your company and products.  If competition is high, your cost per click will be high as well.  If this does happen to you, then bid for long tail keywords but make sure they are relevant to what you are selling or advertising in the specific ad.  Your sixth step is to create an ad copy where you make sure you have your relevant keywords or phrases, an attention-grabbing headline, ad extensions and a clear, meaningful message conveyed in your ad.  Step seven is important.  You should make a mobile friendly landing page due to the fact that mostly all people are on their phones every day for numerous hours at a time.  You will want your page to highlight the features of your services you offer and the benefits of the products you have for sale to the public.  Here is where you will insert high quality photos of your products as well as arrange the page to flow effortlessly.  Step eight is when you need to add to your page a Google Analytics code.  You do this so you can monitor conversion tracking.  Step nine is where you optimize your page.  Routine optimization of your ads on Google is what will help propel you to success in the short run and long run.  To maintain your success on Google, run tests on all of your ad copies and landing pages as well.  Run A/B tests to see what is working and what may not be working as well for your company and the specific products you are advertising.  Start small and adjust according to your test results.  With A/B testing, you can pick the ad copy that shows the most promising results for your business, products, and services that you are offering to the consumers.  If the ad you chose is extremely profitable, you may want to consider doubling your budget to attract even more consumers to your ad.

Since AdWords is a live auction platform, prices will be set according to the amount of competition there is as well as how much you are actually willing to pay for one click.  When your advertising ads are done correctly, they will lead to high quality traffic flow to your website which will result in increased revenue for your company.  Advertising through Google AdWords is a more competitive way to get your company out there to the public at a fraction of the cost of other advertising methods.  If your advertising ads are done incorrectly, it can lead to low traffic flow to your website, a loss in revenue and higher costs in advertising.  You would have to spend more to recover from bad advertising.

You are not charged for each ad that you place on Google AdWords.  You are charged, however, for every time a consumer clicks on your ad through the search results.  There are numerous things to consider when determining the cost for each click.  There is competition when it comes to keywords used on Google.  You are in a daily struggle with other business that have comparable products and services as you do.  You will be bidding on the cost per click against other businesses.  You have to set a budget so you can maximize results but not maximize costs.  Your bid position determines your success rate because when you win the bid, your business shows at the top of the search results page.  Your click through rate will be higher since you will be one of the first results shown.  Make sure your set your budget and readjust it as necessary.  When you use quality search words and phrases you will get more traffic to your page.  If you use high volume keywords or phrases that generate numerous searches in a month then you could pay more for the amount of traffic that is generated to your ads.  You could pay anywhere from three cents per click up to ten dollars per click.  Plan your budget accordingly.

Your budget should start at a campaign level on Google AdWords.  Make sure it is at a level that you are comfortable with and can afford without restricting other expenses.  You need to advertise but you do not want other areas of your business to suffer.  Keep track of how much you are spending on advertising and only spend the allotted amount for that month.  You can adjust your budget monthly based on the fluctuations of cost per clicks.  You will be able to make changes whenever you need or want to.  Start with a small budget if you are new to Google AdWords.  Analyze your ad for quality of material presented and see what amount of traffic you get.  You will then be able to determine whether or not you need to increase your budget or to stop the ad completely.

In the end, Google AdWords is an easy and affordable way to assist you and your company in many ways.  You will get an increase in traffic to your company website for starters.  The more people that know about your company, your products and services, the more money your company will make.  An increase in revenue is the end goal of any business after all.  Keep track of the traffic that comes to your website through your ads that were placed through Google AdWords.  This will allow you to be as effective as possible so your company can be successful.  See what is working better and maximize off that and minimize what does not work for you.  Success is key and you can make sure it happens.  Good luck to you and your company.  I wish you many successes with Google AdWords and I know it will work out for you just like you hoped it would.  Stay focused on success and think positive thoughts.

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