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The nation is still processing the news that former President Donald Trump could be arrested on Tuesday. With national politics in turmoil, there has been speculation over what could happen if Trump’s arrest restricts him from campaigning for President of the United States. One of the most obvious concerns on people’s minds, especially those on the Left, is whether Trump’s dismissal from the race could position Ron DeSantis to win the next Republican primary.  

While there are certainly a large number of outraged Trumpsters out there, many other people from across the country have let out a sigh of relief after hearing about the possibility of Trump’s arrest. It is important to understand that not every Trumpster out there will want to vote for someone like Ron DeSantis. Part of the problem with Trump’s attempt to create a cult of personality around himself is that it redirected dedication from the Republican Party, or GOP, to himself as an individual figurehead. Ron DeSantis has been making a name for himself in Florida as the Governor’s policies have caused a great deal of controversy, especially during the pandemic.  

If Trump’s Arrest Excludes Him from the Election, DeSantis Could be the Next Face of the GOP 

Both Republicans and Democrats alike need to prepare themselves for the possibility of Ron DeSantis taking Trump’s place in the next presidential race and jumping ahead in his absence. That said, does anyone other than himself and some misguided voters really want DeSantis to run for president? We shall see soon enough as this exciting chapter in American political history continues to unfold. 

Reasons Why DeSantis Could be as Bad or Worse Than Trump as President

There are a number of compelling reasons why Ron DeSantis could be an even worse presidential candidate to contend with than Donald Trump. While no one from the Left is going to vote for someone like Ron DeSantis anytime soon, he may be able to capture a large number of voters from the Right. That said, it’s not necessarily a good thing if he were to succeed.

Let’s explore some of the strongest reasons why Ron DeSantis could be worse than Trump as a presidential candidate. 

First of all, like Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis has taken controversial stances on some issues, such as his approach to COVID-19 and his opposition to certain social justice movements. While this may resonate with some voters, it could also turn off others who do not agree with his views.

It is worth noting that some have pointed out the possibility that Ron DeSantis could be even more divisive than Donald Trump if he is elected. While Donald Trump is a highly polarizing figure who inspires strong emotions on both sides of the political spectrum, Ron DeSantis may be seen as a more moderate alternative by some voters, but this should be taken with a grain of salt. Although DeSantis should be endeavoring to be more moderate in the period leading up to the election, his recent decisions show no signs of becoming more moderate at all. Some of the strongest reasons people would have for viewing DeSantis as a bad candidate for President of the United States is the fact that his policy ideals clash with the interests of minorities. 

The Governor’s policies and decisions have put him at odds with minorities and proponents of social justice. After banning an African American history class back in January, many people took it as a sign that his policies would not be aligned with African American interests or social justice in this country. Likewise, the LGBTQ+ community would not benefit from having Ron DeSantis as President of the United States. In a frankly embarrassing political battle over his ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill, he crossed swords with DisneyDecisions and behaviors like these could make Ron DeSantis just as unpalatable as Donald Trump to moderate voters from across the country. Although his decisions have generated a great deal of publicity, it is unclear whether the public would find him moderate enough to favor over Donald Trump. It all depends on how he chooses to govern the state of Florida until campaigning starts. 

Why the Republican Party Needs to Wake Up, Modernize, and Reach Across the Aisle

With potential candidates like Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis, the GOP really needs to go through some changes. There are several compelling reasons why the Republican Party may benefit from waking up, modernizing, and reaching across the aisle.

Here’s why the GOP needs to change its tune before the next presidential election:

Changing Demographics: The United States is becoming increasingly diverse, with more women, people of color, and younger generations entering the electorate. The Republican Party risks alienating these growing demographic groups if it does not modernize and adapt to their changing values and priorities.

Polarization: The current political climate in the US is highly polarized, with little cooperation or compromise between the two major political parties. By reaching across the aisle, the Republican Party can demonstrate a willingness to work with others and find common ground on issues that matter to all Americans.

Economic Growth: The Republican Party traditionally promotes policies that prioritize economic growth and job creation. By reaching across the aisle and working with Democrats on issues such as infrastructure and education, the Republican Party can help to boost the economy and create valuable opportunities.

Changing Attitudes: Public opinion on a range of issues, such as LGBTQ+ rights and climate change, is shifting rapidly. By modernizing and adapting to changing attitudes, the Republican Party can better represent the values of all Americans and remain relevant in a rapidly changing world.

In conclusion, while many are celebrating the potential arrest of former President Trump, the risks of DeSantis leaping ahead are palpable. Only time will tell as we get closer to campaign season for the presidential election of 2024. This is an exciting time in American politics, one that could affect the course of our nation’s future on a massive scale.  

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