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Huskies Triumph

In a thrilling showdown at the last PAC-12 Championship game, the Washington Huskies emerged victorious against their arch-rivals,the Oregon Ducks, in a contest that will be etched into the annals of college football history. The clash of these two powerhouse teams delivered a spectacle that kept fans on the edge of their seats from kickoff to the final whistle. The atmosphere at Allegiant Stadium was electric as both teams took the field, knowing that the coveted PAC-12 title hung in the balance. The Huskies, under the seasoned leadership of  coach Kalen DeBoer, brought a combination of strategic brilliance and unwavering determination, setting the stage for an intense battle against the Ducks, who were determined to defend their championship legacy.

Opening Drive

It was evident that this would be a hard-fought contest. The Huskies offense showcased a mix of precision passing and powerful running, challenging the Ducks defense at every turn. Huskies quarterback Michael Penix Jr. orchestrated the plays with finesse, connecting with his receivers Jalen McMillan, and Rome Odunze in crucial moments that left the opposing defense scrambling. Huskies went 15 plays 54-yards with the drive ending in Huskies kicker Grady Gross made a 38-yard field goal. Two drives later the Huskies went 6 plays 50-yards finished with running back Dillon Johnson 5-yard touchdown run. Washington 10 Oregon o at the end of the first quarter.

Second Quarter

Oregon started the second quarter with a 12 plays 72-yards and Ducks kicker Camden Lewis making a 36-yard field goal getting them on the board Washington 10 Oregon 3. Huskies next drive went quick with two big pass plays, one going to Rome Odunze for 22-yards then to Jalen McMillan for 45-yards. Huskies running back Dillon Johnson finished the drive with a 4-yard touchdown  pass to Germie Bernard Washington 17 Oregon 3. Huskies get on the board again with 1:39 to go in the second quarter kicker Grady Gross made a 37-yard field goal Washington 20 Oregon 3. With 0:09 to go in the second quarter Bo Nix completes a pas to Terrance Ferguson for a 2-yard touchdown. Washington 20 Oregon 10.

Oregon Puts Up a Fight

As the game progressed into the third quarter, the rivalry reached its zenith, with Oregon delivering on the scoreboard. Spectaclar catches, explosive runs, and bone crushing tackles intensified the drama, keeping fans on the edge of their seats. Oregon opened the third with a 15 plays 75-yards and Bo Nix completed a 2-yard pass to Terrance Ferguson for the touchdown. Washington 20 Oregon 17. Both teams would trade interceptions on back to back drives. Oregon scores on a 4 play drive with the biggest play being Bo Nix running for 44-yards with Jordan James finished the drive with a 6-yard touchdown run. Washington 20 Oregon 24.

Fourth Quarter

In the opening moments of the fourth quarter, the Huskies managed to break through the Ducks defense with a game changing play when Michael Penix Jr. completed a pass to Jalen McMillan for 31-yards tha culminated in a Dillon Johnson 1-yard touchdown run, swinging the momentum in their favor. The stadium erupted in cheers as Washington took the lead 27-24, leaving the Ducks with a narrow window to mount a comeback. The Huskies went 12 plays 82-yards and Quentin Moore caught a 2-yard pass from Michael Penix Jr. for the touchdown Washington 34 Oregon 24. The Ducks fought valiantly putting up one more touchdown giving the Huskies a 3 point, the Ducks attempted a last ditch  effort to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. However, the Huskies defense stood firm, sealing the win and sparking jubilation among the players, coaching staff, and their dedicated fanbase. Washington 34 Oregon 31.


The PAC-12 Championship victory not only secured bragging rights for the Washington Huskies but also earned them a coveted spot in the upcoming national playoffs. As the celebration ensued on the field, one thing became clear this epic clash would be remembered as a defining moment in the storied rivalry between the Huskies and the Ducks. Etching the final chapter of the history of the PAC-12 conference.


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