This amazing house in the South of France will literally knock your socks off!

Coming in at an amazing 32,000 square feet with multiple living areas, guest areas, kitchens, and of course indoor and outdoor pools. Not to mention your own zip line! If you like architecture and nice homes then you are going to want to take a few minutes and watch this entire video. This is probably the best house I have ever seen. The thoughtfulness in the layout and design are the best layout and design of any property that I have posted before. Whoever built this home took their time and did it right. There was no expense spared anywhere. The skylights, the layout of the custom-made furniture, and the appliances are laid out with expert care and attention to every detail. Then there is the backyard, I do not even know how to explain it other than it is a backyard built for a living Greek God. It is pure heaven! Like nothing, you have ever seen before in your life.

This house is so well designed and so well built for entertaining that I have to say it is the best house I have ever posted. I have posted a hell of a lot of mansions over the years. But, never have I seen your very own giant swimmable coy pond. Very few people will be able to afford a home like this in their lifetime but if you can make your home a bit like this or a bit as nice as this then you are already winning at the game of life. To be honest this is more of a hotel than it is a home for a family. For most of us, one of those great living rooms, one of the kitchens, a few of the bedrooms, and the pool and we would be happy as a kid in a candy store if that were our house. At the end of the day, I think the most important thing is to do the best with what you have when you have it. If you have a nice house, use it and have friends and family over. If you have a nice pool, go swimming every day. If you have a cool layout, then keep it clean and enjoy it! In life, it’s about what you make it. So make it good and it will be a good life or in this case a great home.

Just because you don’t have a mansion does mean your home can be your very own mini-mansion!