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Distress fills the nation as we all try to figure out what in the world is going on in the capitol. The main question being, is Trump going to get impeached? There has been a lot of speculation with the misuse of power. Has Trump been using his position to further his own gains? Is their truth around the threats towards foreign nation leaders such as Ukraine? This week a lot of information will be coming to life, so keep your eyes peeled!


Pelosi Points Out Problems


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi began the impeachment inquiry back on September 24th of this year. Her mind was heading towards the process for a few months now. However, the situation regarding Trump possibly threatening Ukraine foreign leaders is what truly brought the inquiry into action. This is also key to note. We are currently in the impeachment inquiry process. This is where an investigation is currently being engaged to make a decision whether the impeachment is following due process and has reasonable evidence. Once the inquiry period has found enough information that supports the actual impeachment, the vote would truly begin.


Abuse of Power


Our main concern as a nation should be that our leader is always making decisions in favor of our country. Unfortunately, there has been evidence surfacing that would cause people to believe Trump did indeed abuse his power for his own political gain. He used his position to withhold aid to Ukraine until the foreign leaders agreed to investigate a possible involvement in previous president elections. Trump believes that Biden used his son to infiltrate foreign gas companies and retrieve a position of power. Through this position of power, he would then be attempting to convince these Ukraine foreign leaders to associate themselves within the United States presidential election.

Although this could be true, Trump using his presidential position to obtain information and investigate political matters definitely seems like a misuse of power. More information will be surfacing this week that will aid in the impeachment inquiry.

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