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The question of whether there was a universe before our own is still a topic of scientific speculation and debate. Currently, our understanding of the universe’s history and origins is limited, and there is no conclusive evidence or consensus on the existence of a prior universe.

The prevailing scientific model for the origin of our universe is the Big Bang theory. According to this model, the universe began as a singularity—an infinitely small and dense point—and then rapidly expanded and evolved into the universe we observe today. However, the Big Bang theory does not provide insights into what might have occurred before the Big Bang itself.

Some cosmological theories propose the concept of a multiverse, which suggests the existence of multiple universes, each with its own set of physical laws and properties. In some versions of the multiverse theory, it is postulated that new universes can be continuously created, either through cosmic inflation or other mechanisms. However, these ideas are still highly speculative and remain to be conclusively supported by observational evidence.

It’s important to note that these theories are currently at the forefront of cosmological research, and our understanding of the universe’s origin and potential prior universes is continuously evolving. As scientists gather more data, conduct experiments, and refine theoretical models, our knowledge of the universe’s history may expand, allowing us to explore the possibility of a universe before our own with greater clarity.

Now, with these findings from the James Webb Telescope, all of these theories are being rewritten. Because we can clearly see galaxies out there in deep space that are older than our universe. Meaning there was a universe, before our own!



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