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A Japanese commercial airline was seen in flames on the tarmac at Tokyo’s Haneda airport after it collided with an aircraft involved in earthquake relief efforts. CNN’s Will Ripley reports. While plane accidents are relatively rare, incidents involving passenger planes catching fire during or after landing have unfortunately occurred.

Here are a few examples of such incidents in the past:

  1. British Airtours Flight 28M (1985): On August 22, 1985, a Boeing 737-200 operated by British Airtours suffered an engine failure during takeoff from Manchester Airport, UK. The aircraft attempted to abort the takeoff, but a fire broke out, leading to the evacuation of the plane. Tragically, 55 people lost their lives in the incident.
  2. Air Canada Flight 797 (1983): On June 2, 1983, a fire erupted on Air Canada Flight 797, a McDonnell Douglas DC-9, during a flight from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport to Toronto Pearson International Airport. The fire started in an aft lavatory due to an electrical failure. While the plane successfully landed in Cincinnati, the fire consumed the aircraft during the evacuation process, resulting in 23 fatalities.
  3. Swissair Flight 111 (1998): While not directly related to a landing incident, Swissair Flight 111, a McDonnell Douglas MD-11, experienced an in-flight fire off the coast of Nova Scotia on September 2, 1998. The plane was en route from New York to Geneva. The crew declared an emergency and attempted to divert to Halifax, but the fire ultimately led to the aircraft’s crash into the Atlantic Ocean, resulting in the loss of all 229 lives on board.
  4. Asiana Airlines Flight 214 (2013): On July 6, 2013, Asiana Airlines Flight 214, a Boeing 777, crash-landed at San Francisco International Airport. While the crash itself was primarily attributed to pilot error, a fire erupted after the crash, leading to the tragic death of three passengers. The aircraft’s tail struck the seawall, causing a rupture in the fuel tanks.

It’s important to note that aviation safety has significantly improved over the years due to advancements in technology, rigorous safety regulations, and enhanced training for flight crews. Incidents involving fires during or after landing are thoroughly investigated, leading to improvements in safety protocols and procedures within the aviation industry.



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