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Vadym Voroshylov, a fighter jet pilot who goes by the call sign Karaya, is a major of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and a true war herо.

In October 2022, the pilot’s skillful defense of the sky over the Vinnytsia region brought him fame as the “Shahed killer.” Vadym managed to hit five enemy drones and two missiles in one week’s time. When the fighter’s plane got damaged by the debris, Vadym led it away from a populated area and only then ejected from the aircraft. The feat brought him a head and а neck injury, and the Order for Courage of the third class.

About The Ukrainian Air Force

The Ukrainian Air Force is the air force branch of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. It was established in 1992 following the collapse of the Soviet Union and the independence of Ukraine. The Air Force is responsible for defending the country’s airspace, providing support to ground troops, and conducting air operations.

During the ongoing war in Ukraine, the Ukrainian Air Force has played a significant role in supporting ground troops and countering Russian aggression. In the early days of the conflict, Ukrainian Air Force units were heavily targeted by Russian air defense systems, resulting in significant losses of aircraft and personnel. However, the Ukrainian Air Force has since adapted its tactics and equipment to better counter these threats.

The Air Force has been involved in numerous operations throughout the conflict, including reconnaissance, close air support, and air defense. It has also been responsible for delivering humanitarian aid and evacuating civilians from conflict zones.

Despite the challenges it has faced, the Ukrainian Air Force has demonstrated its resilience and effectiveness in combat. It has continued to carry out operations in the face of significant Russian military support for separatist forces in eastern Ukraine and has provided critical support to Ukrainian ground forces in their efforts to defend their country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.



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