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History of American Airlines Arena now Kaseya Center

The American Airlines Arena, located in Miami, Florida, is a prominent sports and entertainment venue that has played a significant role in the city’s cultural landscape. The idea for a new arena in Miami originated in the mid-1990s when the need for a modern facility for the Miami Heat basketball team became apparent. Groundbreaking for the arena took place in 1998, and it was officially opened on December 31, 1999. The arena was named the American Airlines Arena after American Airlines acquired the naming rights in a multi-million dollar agreement. The design of the American Airlines Arena reflects Miami’s vibrant energy and unique waterfront location. The venue features an eye-catching elliptical shape and is situated near Biscayne Bay, providing stunning views for spectators. With a seating capacity of over 19,000 for basketball games, the arena has become a popular destination for sports enthusiasts. In addition to hosting Miami Heat games, the arena has been the venue for numerous other major sporting events, including NBA Finals games, NCAA basketball tournaments, and professional wrestling events. Beyond sports, the American Airlines Arena has also established itself as a premier entertainment destination. It has hosted world-class concerts by renowned artists, attracting music lovers from across the globe. The arena’s state-of-the-art facilities and acoustics make it an ideal setting for live performances, further solidifying its reputation as one of Miami’s top entertainment venues. Throughout its history, the American Airlines Arena has played a central role in the cultural fabric of Miami, providing a platform for unforgettable sporting moments and memorable live events.

Greatest concerts at American Airlines Arena (Kaseya Center)

The American Airlines Arena has played host to some of the greatest concerts in the history of Miami’s music scene. Here are three concerts that stand out as truly iconic:

  1. Madonna – “Confessions Tour” (2006): Madonna’s “Confessions Tour” was a global sensation, and her performance at the American Airlines Arena was a spectacle to behold. The concert showcased Madonna’s artistic versatility, with elaborate stage setups, visually stunning choreography, and a setlist that spanned her extensive catalog of hits. With a capacity crowd, the arena was filled with energy as fans sang along to classics like “Like a Prayer” and danced to the infectious beats of newer tracks like “Hung Up.” Madonna’s “Confessions Tour” concert left an indelible mark on the arena’s concert history.
  2. Beyoncé – “Formation World Tour” (2016): Beyoncé’s “Formation World Tour” was a testament to her status as one of the greatest performers of her generation. The American Airlines Arena became the epicenter of the Beyhive as fans flocked to witness Queen Bey in all her glory. With powerful vocals, mesmerizing choreography, and stunning visual effects, Beyoncé delivered an unforgettable experience. The concert featured hits like “Formation,” “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It),” and emotional ballads that showcased Beyoncé’s range and artistry.
  3. Jay-Z and Kanye West – “Watch the Throne Tour” (2011): The collaboration between hip-hop titans Jay-Z and Kanye West on the “Watch the Throne” album resulted in a tour that took the world by storm. Their performance at the American Airlines Arena was a true spectacle of rap mastery. The arena was transformed into a pulsating, high-energy experience as Jay-Z and Kanye West traded verses, performed their chart-topping hits, and engaged the crowd with their charismatic stage presence. Songs like “N****s in Paris” and “Otis” had the entire venue on their feet, and the concert remains etched in the memories of those who were fortunate enough to attend.

These concerts are just a glimpse into the incredible lineup of performances that have taken place at the American Airlines Arena, solidifying its reputation as a premier destination for world-class music events.

Numerous iconic and historic events

  1. Miami Heat’s NBA Championships: The American Airlines Arena has been the home court for the Miami Heat, and it witnessed some of the franchise’s most significant moments, including their NBA Championships in 2006, 2012, and 2013. These victories not only solidified the team’s status as one of the NBA’s elite, but they also brought immense joy and pride to the city of Miami. The arena was filled with electric energy as fans celebrated their team’s triumphs on their home court.
  2. NBA All-Star Game: In 2010, the American Airlines Arena hosted the NBA All-Star Game, one of the most prestigious events in professional basketball. The All-Star Game showcases the league’s top talent and brings together fans from all over the world. The arena was transformed into a basketball spectacle, and Miami welcomed basketball enthusiasts with its vibrant atmosphere and warm hospitality. The game was a memorable experience for fans, players, and the city as a whole.
  3. Concerts by World-Renowned Artists: The American Airlines Arena has been a premier destination for music lovers, hosting unforgettable concerts by some of the biggest names in the music industry. Renowned artists such as Beyoncé, Madonna, Jay-Z, and Rihanna have graced the stage, delivering electrifying performances to sold-out crowds. These concerts have not only showcased the arena’s exceptional acoustics and state-of-the-art facilities but have also added to Miami’s reputation as a top entertainment hub.

These events represent just a fraction of the numerous memorable moments that have taken place at the American Airlines Arena. From championship triumphs to unforgettable concerts, the arena continues to be a venue where unforgettable experiences are made.

Kaseya Center Calendar

Feid: Ferxxo Nitro Jam Underground

June 16th – 8 pm

June 18th – 8 pm

Fonseca: Viajante USA Tour

June 17th – 8 pm

Ricardo Arjona

June 24th – 8 pm

June 25th – 8 pm

June 26th – 8 pm

The Cure: Shows Of A Lost World Tour 23

July 1st – 7 pm

Miami Salsa Festival

July 22nd – 8 pm

Sam Smith

July 25th – 8 pm

Madonna: The Celebration Tour

September 9th – 8:30 pm

September 10th – 8:30 pm

Uforia Mix Live

September 16th – 8 pm


September 20th – 8 pm

RBD: Soy Rebelde Tour

September 21st – 8 pm

September 22nd – 8 pm

Alejandro Sanz

September 23rd – 8 pm

Drake: It’s All A Blur Tour

September 28th – 7 pm

September 29th – 7 pm

Arcangel: Just-in-Time Tour

September 30th – 8 pm

Carin Leon: Colmillo De Leche Tour

October 1st – 8 pm

Elevation Worship and Steven Furtick

October 3rd – 7 pm

Christian Nodal: FORAJI2 TOUR

October 7th – 8 pm

Los Temerarios

October 8h – 8 pm

2023 NBA Preseason: Charlotte Hornets vs Miami HEAT

October 10th – 7:30 pm

Luis Miguel

October 11th – 8 pm

October 13th – 8pm

Depeche Mode: Memento Mori World Tour

October 12th – 7:30 pm

Jonas Brothers

October 14th – 8 pm

2023 NBA Preseason: Memphis Grizzlies vs Miami HEAT

October 15th – 6 pm

The 1975: 1975’s Still … at their very best

October 17th – 8 pm

2023 NBA Preseason: Brooklyn Nets vs Miami HEAT

October 18th – 7:30 pm

Alejandro Fernández

October 22nd – 8 pm

Carlos Vives

October 28th – 8 pm


November 2nd – 8 pm


November 4th – 8 pm

Enrique Iglesias, Pitbull, Ricky Martin: The Trilogy Tour

November 10th – 7 pm

November 11th – 7 pm


November 14th – 7:30 pm

Joaquin Sabina

November 19th – 8 pm


November 22nd – 8 pm

El Alfa

November 25th – 8 pm


December 1st – 8 pm

Miami R&B Music Experience: Tyrese, Xscape, El DeBarge, Ginuwine, Next, 112, Silk, Hosted By DJ AONE

December 3rd – 8 pm


December 9th – 8 pm

Ticket Information

Kaseya Center/HEAT Group Offices


MAIN NUMBER: 786-777-1000



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