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The last two presidential elections have been among the most heated in decades. With both sides convinced they’re right and tensions rising fast, one has to wonder just how dramatic the election 2024 election will be. While many people are concerned about the possibility of Trump running for a second term, they would do well to keep an eye on the other possible contenders such as Ron DeSantis. 

Moreover, there has been talk of the mayor of Miami possibly running for president in 2024 although nothing has been confirmed. Here’s what you should know about the potential political battle between DeSantis and Miami mayor Francis X. Suarez as well as an overview of the differences between the two sides. 

Public Anticipates Battle Between Ron DeSantis and Francis X. Suarez Over Republican Nomination 

While neither Ron DeSantis nor Francis X. Suarez has formally announced that they’re running for president, most people wouldn’t be surprised if they did. Should they both run, it would make for an epic political battle as former Attorney General Bill Barr has indicated he believes Ron DeSantis has a solid chance of winning the presidency. 

Although the governor of Florida has more political clout on the surface, Mr. Suarez has been making his mark in the background as a candidate that could play closer to the middle.  

Republicans and Democrats have been feuding for years. From their stances on gun control to immigration, the two parties have very different ideas about what’s best for the country. But even though we might not see eye-to-eye on every issue, both Republicans and Democrats love their country and want what’s best for future generations. 

So how do their beliefs differ? Let’s take a closer look at the main differences between Republicans vs. Democrats in the next presidential election. One thing is for certain, the 2024 election will be one of the most important elections in United States history. 

The nation is at a crossroads as the Right and Left fight more ferociously than ever before. Here’s an overview of the biggest differences between the two parties to remind us what we’re fighting for come election day. 

What Are the Main Differences Between Republicans and Democrats?

The two parties are split on a variety of different topics. The main differences between Republicans and Democrats are as follows:

Republican vs Democratic views on government spending:

Republicans typically want smaller government programs, while Democrats want more government intervention in health care, education, etc. 

Republican vs Democratic views on taxes:

Republicans typically want more tax breaks for high-income earners, while Democrats want more taxes on corporations and high-income earners to fund government programs. 

Republican vs Democratic views on immigration:

Republicans typically want stricter immigration laws, while Democrats want looser restrictions on who can enter the country. 

Republican vs Democratic views on the economy:

Republicans typically want to cut taxes and regulations to spur economic growth, while Democrats want to put more money toward public programs and fiscal stimulus to create jobs.

How do Republicans and Democrats Differ in Their Stances on Women’s Rights?

Republicans have been called out for neglecting to protect women’s rights as they’re determined to ban abortion. Democrats are arguably the strongest supporters of women’s rights, and they also want to expand women’s rights to combat sexual harassment and domestic violence. 

The abortion issue is something that’s going to be central to the outcome of the election. Out of all of the issues that Republicans and Democrats fight over, abortion has created some of the most tension of all. That said, most reasonable people can see that the choice to have an abortion or not is something that every woman should be able to decide for themselves. 

How do Republicans and Democrats Differ on Gun Control?

Republicans say Second Amendment rights are crucial to American society and culture, and they pledge to defend those rights. Democrats, on the other hand, promise to create stricter gun control laws to reduce gun violence, an issue that has come back into the spotlight after recent attacks in our schools. 

While Republicans want fewer restrictions on gun owners, the Democrats want to expand background checks, increase waiting periods, limit the number of guns one person can own, and increase gun safety education in schools. Republicans want to protect all gun owners, while Democrats want to protect only law-abiding gun owners. In short, Republicans want to encourage responsible gun ownership, while Democrats want to provide more gun safety education.

How do Republicans and Democrats Differ on Immigration?

Republicans want to limit immigration and crack down on illegal immigration to protect American jobs and wages. Democrats want to maintain or even expand immigration levels to promote diversity and strengthen the economy as we embrace the idea of a more tolerant and culturally diverse America. 

Republicans support the wall on the Mexican border and enact strict enforcement policies such as ending the “catch and release” policy of allowing immigrants who crossed the border illegally to live in the U.S. while awaiting deportation hearings. 

Democrats want to create a path to citizenship for immigrants who came to the U.S. illegally as children or have been living in the country for many years. Of course, Republicans want to change the law to make it easier to deport immigrants who came to the U.S. illegally. Democrats want to protect so-called “Dreamers” — immigrants who came to the U.S. illegally as children — by offering them a path to citizenship.

How do Republicans and Democrats Differ in Their Stances on Climate Change?

Republicans question the existence of climate change and oppose many policies designed to combat it, such as carbon taxes and virtually any policy aimed at regulating greenhouse gas emissions. Democrats acknowledge the existence of man-made climate change and support policies such as carbon taxes and the creation of green jobs. 

Denying the existence of climate change is becoming an increasingly difficult position to maintain from an intellectual standpoint. The Republican party’s refusal to acknowledge climate change in the face of overwhelming proof makes the party look comparatively unintelligent.

The Conclusion, Vote Wisely

In conclusion, although the 2024 election isn’t coming around terribly soon, it’s still worth thinking about. The possibility of Ron DeSantis running for president is definitely food for thought as his policies have been inciting plenty of recent controversies. Whatever happens, remember, your vote makes difference, so use it wisely.   

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