Are you someone to enjoy the finer things in life? To simply enjoy your beautifully handcrafted cigar and fade into the elegancy of life? Well then look no further. Your next edition to your higher quality life is here. The Maestro Chessboard Cigar Humidor is here to provide you with your next step. This magnificent piece of craftmanship supplies you with a humidor that holds 75 cigars. As well as, the artistic value of a built-in chessboard on top. Your gold and silver chess pieces will adorn the top of your humidor, finishing the classy environment you wish to transform.


Humidor Specifications


When looking for a humidor, you want class, the correct size and functionality. The Maestro Chessboard Cigar Humidor has a built-in humidification system that functions perfectly. Also, a hygrometer that will allow you to see the exact percentage of humidity. Size specifications allow for storage of 75 cigars! All made with beautiful Virgin Spanish cedar wood. This Virgin Spanish cedar not only sustains the humidity within the humidor, but also enhances the aromas and taste of the cigars within it. It’s a desktop humidor so the ease of access of your cigars is simple. Sit down, light up a stogie and enjoy a fine game of chess on your beautifully crafted board.


Upkeep on a Humidor


Our built-in humidification system makes half of your job easy. Simply checking the hygrometer is as easy as a quick peak and your worries will be swept away. An activation solution can really help with your humidor maintenance. The mixture of propylene glucose and distilled water act as a backup humidification support. These mixtures add or remove extra humidity in order to stabilize the desired percentage. Also, they fight against bacteria and mold that may activate upon these damp surfaces. You can check out this beautifully crafted humidor at Cuban Crafters.