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Huge Mega Pint Meme Drop!

It’s Memorial Day Weekend and if you’re in Fort Lauderdale like me you know that it’s rainy as fu…

This meme drop is like every meme I had on my phone and desktop. So it’s random AF and ultra political to be sure. Some of these memes are memes that I created and watermarked and others are ones that I found online. The meme topics include Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s defamation trial. The shooting in Uvalde Texas and Senator Ted Cruz. Republicans, Trump supporters, and the GOP. Airplane seating, SpongeBob, Jesus, dating, weed, and so many more!

Also, don’t forget it has Memorial Day memes in this drop too!


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Patrick Zarrelli

Tech CEO, Aggressive Progressive, and Unrelenting Realist. @PJZNY Across the Web!!!