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Miami Dolphins’ Training Camp

by | Jul 15, 2019 | Events, Sports, TV


It’s that time of year again where the Miami Dolphins are trooping up for the year. Their Training Camp will be happening soon so if you want to get all the details tune in to this. Between July 25th and August 6th, you can RSVP to watch these players prepare for their 2019 season! They’ll be at the Baptist Health Training Facility at Nova Southeastern University getting ready for their first preseason game. They’ll be up against the Atlanta Falcons on August 8th at Hard Rock Stadium.


What to Expect


The Miami Dolphins have always catered to their fans. This year is no different. Training Camp Events will be cool and comfortable under the canopy tent provided for the attendees. Fortunately, their intention is to provide a comfortable experience for everyone that RSVP’s. All children 12 and under will be extended exclusive access for autographs from the Dolphins players once the practice has ended. Not only that, but there will also be Street Festival days. These extravaganzas will be full of inflatables, cheer and alumni autographs, face painting and food trucks! Sounds like a wonderful experience regardless of age!


On the Gridiron


You better believe there will be some entertainment on the field as well. These Dolphins are no joke when it comes to practice. Players will be showcasing their skills at these training camps to secure their positions on the field. Coaches and players alike will be trying to acclimate their systems and strategies into teamwork. Players like Xavien Howard and Kenyan Drake will be readjusting to the changes in elements that will be moving forward with the team. Rookies will be looking to take their chance at finding their way on the Miami Dolphins. Along with the new head coach Brian Flores, this will be an interesting Training Camp to watch. Lots of new game-planning must be done to coordinate this team for the 2019 season.



Upcoming Games


The Miami Dolphins will be opening their preseason against the Atlanta Falcons on August 8th. A fair challenge seeing as the Falcons will be opening the entire preseason on August 1st at the Hall of Fame Game. Dolphins fans can rejoice in knowing that throughout history they have retained a 9-4-win ratio against the Falcons. However, there is a lot of training that must be done to prepare for these with all the new changes.

Once the first game is over, they will be going on the road to Tampa Bay. Their second preseason game will be at Raymond James Stadium to face off against the Buccaneers on August 16th. Afterwards, they will be returning home again to host the Jacksonville Jaguars on August 22nd. Afterwards, the Dolphins will be travelling to the Mercedes-Benz Superdome to battle against the New Orleans Saints.

An exciting preseason schedule indeed. This 2019 season is going to be a tough one with the Baltimore Ravens being the first team the Dolphins will be up against. The Ravens winning the AFC North last year and ending the regular season ranked 1st in defense could be a threat for a new Dolphins team. Hopefully Head Coach Brian Flores will be able to put the pieces of this team into an unstoppable force.

Soon after, Brian Flores will be facing up against his old team and boss when the Dolphins host the New England Patriots in week 2. Bill Belichick and the Patriots will be a challenging test for Miami if they hope to shorten the gap. Will Flores be able to overcome his old boss? Time shall tell.


How to Attend?


Interested in more? Check out the Miami Dolphin website to RSVP for their Training Camp. You’re also able to find tickets available for preseason and upcoming regular season games too.

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