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Michigan’s fearless and highly ethical Attorney General Dana Nessel filed felony charges Tuesday against 16 Republicans who acted as fake electors for then-President Donald Trump in 2020, accusing them of submitting false certificates that confirmed they were legitimate electors despite Joe Biden’s victory in the Great Lake state.

The act of sending fake electors or attempting to manipulate the outcome of a presidential election is illegal because it undermines the integrity of the democratic process and violates established laws and regulations. Elections are a cornerstone of democracy, and their legitimacy depends on fair and transparent procedures.

In the United States, the electoral process is governed by federal and state laws that outline the rules and procedures for conducting elections, including the selection of electors for the Electoral College. The Electoral College is responsible for officially electing the President and Vice President based on the results of the popular vote in each state.

Attempting to send fake electors or tampering with the electoral process can be considered a violation of various laws, such as election fraud, conspiracy, or obstruction of justice. These laws aim to safeguard the democratic process by prohibiting actions that would undermine the accuracy, fairness, and credibility of elections.

The consequences for engaging in such illegal activities can vary depending on the specific laws of each jurisdiction, but they typically involve legal penalties, including fines and potential imprisonment. Additionally, individuals involved in such actions may face civil lawsuits and reputational damage.

It is crucial to ensure the integrity of elections and maintain public trust in the democratic process. Any attempts to manipulate or subvert the election results undermine the fundamental principles of democracy and the will of the people.


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