Have you found yourself longing for fantastical beasts and mythical monsters? To see an adventure like no other before? Well then look no further. Netflix has recently released its series known as The Witcher. This fantasy series has been adapted from book to video game. Now, it has made its way on to the big screen with Henry Cavill playing the main role; Geralt of Rivia. This series has grown quite a hefty fan-base and they didn’t disappoint with the series. If you’re interested in following a beast hunter through his travels filled with action and adventure, then check out The Witcher.


Who is The Witcher?


Within the fantasy series lies a man named Geralt of Rivia. He is played by none other than the actor who portrayed Superman, Henry Cavil, and is in fact one of these beings known as a Witcher. They are a mutated form of human given extra strength to have an edge on the mythical monsters that scatter the world of The Witcher. Geralt in particular lives an adventurous life full of ups and downs. He goes by many names throughout the series as his bard companion speaks to the populace of his fame and glory. With a ton of short stories and novels that portray the adventures of The Witcher series, this season is just a taste of what could be to come.


What to Expect?


Many of the occurrences throughout the series makes you believe within destiny. That people have ties to others. That and tons of action with blood and monsters. Magical beings with powers and shapeshifting creatures to keep the main character’s attention.  You follow him and a few other important characters throughout the story. In fact, they have an interesting way of telling the story. Merging timelines and teasing things throughout the entire hour-long episodes always keeps you itching for the answers you are missing. Check it out on Netflix!