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According to The Independent, More than four in 10 people who share political news on social media admit they have passed on false or inaccurate items.” Unfortunately, the reality of this situation is not too far out than you would think. Some people trust too much of what they see on the internet. In fact, according to this study, 40% do just that. Others try to share their ideals by spreading information regardless of the truth and validity of said info. Obviously, problems can come from this type of misinformation, but what is the defining problem behind all of this? People are allowed to put anything they like on the internet; However, it is up to us as individuals to do the research and find out the truth.


Don’t Take Everything at Face Value


To each and every person who sees something and instantly believes it, you are the main problem. Everybody knows the saying, not everything on the internet is true, yet people see one thing that makes their emotions flare and they lose all sight of this notion. Suddenly, the internet is the truth of all and everything you see is true. Why does it matter? Because the more people that continue to share fake news, the more people will see. You can’t expect someone in your own family to yell at you on social media to fix your notion of truth. However, it is important to know all the info before making any sudden judgements.


Research First. Project Your Thoughts Later.


You are more than welcome to project your thoughts through whatever situation you’d feel. That is a right in the United States. Regardless, when you see information online, it is your job to seethe through what is true and what is false. Compare it to junk mail. If you got a letter in the mail that said you are being evicted, would you just leave the house? Or, would you rather investigate a bit to find out if that info is true and why such things are being done. Anyone can send you something, post something online or make an opinion. However, for everyone out there that trusts you, do them a favor and take a minute to double check your shareable news before you start leaking false information into others.

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Santino DeBlasiis

Rome, New York born and bred. Strong Italian heritage and a whole lot of talent. Let's play some Bocce. I'll win and then write about it. Otherwise, I'll be by the water throwing in a line and having a drink.

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