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In sunny South Florida it is important to have attentive and constant care for your yard. Whether that be weekly mowing, sprinkler work or hiring Parkland landscapers to take care of it for you. In order to maintain your lawn, you need to be doing a large number of tasks. Here’s some tips for you if you plan on not hiring any Parkland landscapers such as Broward Landscape.


Take Care of Your Lawn!


The first thing that anyone sees in about your home is always going to be your front lawn. It is imperative that you maintain this area and truly give it the attention and care it requires. So, pay attention and discover what parts of your lawn are annuals and perennials. The difference between the two is that you have to replant the annuals each year. Whereas, the perennials are able to survive through the winter and begin growing on their own. Knowing this is key to having a beautiful lawn every single year.

If you’re trying to give off that beautiful yard vibe, then its going to be a lot of work! Constant mowing maintenance, frequent checking of sprinkler capabilities and functionality and proper reseeding and weed pulling are essential! Don’t forget, if you’re not a fan of labor, talking to Parkland landscapers may be a good choice. Choosing areas to mulch and use ground cover also add for texture and allow your yard to stand out and the colors really show!


Less Maintenance? Ask Parkland Landscapers About Turf!


Nowadays, its difficult to find the time in the day to keep up with all the maintenance. You’re working all day and finally coming home to relax when you forgot to mow the lawn. We get it. Nevertheless, it’s also 2019 so there are plenty of alternatives to your lawn. Talking to Parkland landscapers about artificial lawn methods is a possibility! There are plenty of people that prefer turf to your standard natural grass. The biggest maintenance you have is to replace ruined areas. However, when this happens, you’ll be doing a lot of work if you don’t have any Parkland landscapers to call.

There are definitely other benefits to using turf as well.  Turfgrass is better at reducing runoff by absorbing the water. Some people even recommend using it as a catch off for filtration zones pertaining to water pollution. Turfgrass also promotes cooler temperatures. Since the base of the grass has a cooler temperature, you’ll be looking at a much better feeling yard. Ask Parkland landscapers about turf!


Parkland landscapers

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Proper Irrigation Prevents Poor Plants


I’m assuming you’ve seen those yards that are looking like poor, unnourished and uncared for. That’s, why you’re here to prevent these things from happening. If you ask any Parkland landscapers, they will tell you that proper irrigation is extremely important if you’re planning on having that showcase lawn that you’re dreaming of. In order to maintain proper irrigation, we recommend having reliable sprinklers. If you’re a sprinkler wiz, then go right to it and make sure you don’t forget to turn them on! For those uncultured in sprinklers, its best to leave it to a professional.

Parkland landscapers do their upmost to make sure that sprinkler systems are in tip top shape for those days where the sun is just beating down and melting your lawn. They’ll have your sprinklers on a system that you’d be able to control by switch or by timers. Once your desire has been fulfilled, your only job is to make sure that all of them are working. If not, call your reliable Parkland landscapers to come on over and fix it.


Look for Parkland Landscapers & Arborists


So, your lawn is looking in tip top shape and you’re all set with yard maintenance. Incorrect. Have you ever taken care of those beautiful masses of nature that tower over your homes? Trees that are healthy, well nourished and maintained can bring a whole new aspect of beauty to a yard. If you’re any where near South Florida, then you know how beautiful these palms are that decorate the yards of your neighbors. When you’re looking for Parkland landscapers that are tree experts, make sure that they are certified arborists.

An arborist is a person that specializes in arboriculture. Arboriculture is the cultivation, management, and study of individual trees, shrubs, vines, and other perennial woody plants in dendrology and horticulture.” So, you can see how important it would be if your Parkland landscapers had an arborist certification. These professionals will handle things such as trimming, pruning, limb removal, tree removal and even take care of all the hurricane season cleaning. If you’re looking for Parkland landscapers with an arborist certification, then Broward Landscape could be the people you’re looking for!


Parkland landscapers

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Yearly Maintenance


Everything that has been gone over is quite important for your daily and weekly lawn maintenance. So, what about long term? Making sure you reseed your annuals is definitely key. However, this is where the much larger maintenance takes place. Your bigger projects will be handled and planned ahead of the time. After the seasons where it gets a little cool you have to manage the areas that have withered or in some even spread to spots that you’d wish they hadn’t. Such as tilling your garden again for the planting time. Either way, just keep up on your day to day care.


Parkland Landscapers Live for it


If you truly are the DIY type of person then hopefully this guide gave you a drive and a kick into what to expect when accepting this challenge. For those that don’t wish to do all of the manual labor, Parkland landscapers are the professionals you are looking for. These specialized forces will take on every task you require. From your day to day lawn care, to your long-term projects. Who knows, if you end up wanting to transform your entire yard to a whole new look these guys will have your back. Broward Landscape is full of Parkland landscapers that will take care of every yard request you need.



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