You’re finally thinking of getting that beautiful deck or patio that you’ve always imagined. That outside area where you can appreciate your home at its peak in beauty. But the question remains, are you going for the wood deck or that outside tile you’ve wanted for so long. Well, sounds like you’re in the market for Parkland landscapers. These outdoor professionals will not only pave the way for your lawn, but your outdoor dream home as well. The Parkland landscapers over at Broward Landscape have all the credentials and can provide the help you need for any outdoor blueprints you imagine.


Leaning Towards a Deck?


Having Parkland landscapers install a deck is always a solid choice for a luxurious addition to your home. Having an outdoor area to sit in and enjoy, while also looking quite upscale giving your home some extra value on the market if you ever chose to sell it later. We’ll look at some pros and cons of having a deck installed by Parkland landscapers.


Parkland landscapers

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Enabling your home to have a deck is definitely something you could be considering. For good reason too! Installing a deck provides a wide variety of benefits to your home. First of all, you now have an area in your home for the entertainment of guests outside! That’s right. Your friends will be dropping their jaw and asking to come spend the day at your home just to admire the craftmanship.

Secondly, the cost efficiency is almost too good to ignore. Having Parkland landscapers install a deck into your home is actually pretty inexpensive compared to other home improvement investments that you could implore. Not only are decks low cost, comparatively, but it also increases the value of your home in the long run!  If you plan on eventually selling your home, this is definitely the way to go!

Lastly, installing a deck through Parkland landscapers not only gives you a creative goal for the look, stain and aesthetic of the deck, but you now have more square footage! So, next time you’re thinking of adding some cool stuff to your home, why not put it on the beautiful new deck you’re investing in! Add that bar you’ve always wanted or the barbecue area you’ve dreamed of!




Although everything does seem amazing, there are some cons to installing a deck. Parkland landscapers may make your deck look beautiful, but there is upkeep to be done. Decks usually require staining and stealing one every two years or so. Don’t forget that it will be made of wood. Wood means that the deck will be susceptible to weathering damage. Rain will hurt this deck after a long time without proper sealing. Also, there are always those pesky insects that love wood. Be prepared to take care of some mites. If you take great care of your deck, you can expect it to last ten to fifteen years or so.


Parkland Landscapers Paving a Patio


Understandable, you’re trying to be in the know for the best of both worlds. That or you know exactly what you want. That is, to have Parkland landscapers pave your patio asap! Patios are a great aesthetic to add to your outdoor area. Not only are they on the lower cost of home additions, but the last a long time! There is much less maintenance and usually just requires cleaning and washing. Here are some pros and cons for having parkland Landscapers install a patio!


Parkland landscapers

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Like a deck most of the patio’s benefits are relatively similar. The value of your home will be increased once the Parkland landscapers install your patio. However, although it does increase your value similarly to the deck, the cost is what’s different. Patios usually cost far less than their deck counterpart. Materials needed for the job are much less and labor costs will be lower as well. Don’t worry, most Parkland landscapers will take good care of you. If you’re looking for a quote on a patio, check out Broward Landscape. These Parkland landscapers will take good care of you and your home.

Another benefit to a patio that a deck doesn’t have, is that the maintenance is slim to none. Parkland landscapers will use the most premium materials to construct your patio. Doing so, will ensure that cracks and maintenance are slim to none. All you have to do is spray it off to make sure it looks like your patio is in tip top condition. Also, unlike the deck you’ll be having a much longer life with your patio. Patios usually last as long as twenty-five years. Now that is some great craftmanship.




The biggest difficulty with patios is that they are usually only able to be built of flat surfaces. Areas with curves and divots make the ground warped and difficult to construct in such places. Although as long as you find that flat area in your home, that patio of your dreams can be yours.

Materials used in patios are usually extremely weather resistant. Your patio will be taking a weather beating. Cold or hot, the extreme temperatures are truly what hurts this piece of work. Cracks can form under such stress from nature.  Speaking of, if its raining, we do recommend using caution on the patio. Patios built by Parkland landscapers usually will be pretty slippery when wet. So, be careful!


Paved Perfection or Diamond Deck?


Whatever your decision, your new addition to your outdoor area will be something you can look forward to. If costs are your biggest worry, then a patio may be your best bet. As long as you aren’t living in crazy weather, this patio will be the cheaper option, require less maintenance and last a long time. Breaking the bank? Get that beautiful deck to adorn your home. The deck you’ve always dreamed of can be yours as long as you dish out enough. That and take good care of it. If you’re someone that likes working and being proud of it, the deck would be a good choice. It does require maintenance and bi-yearly staining and sealing, but if you don’t mind that your deck is a few clicks away. Broward Landscape is a company of Parkland landscapers that will bring the dream of your outdoor living area to life!