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social media marketing in fort lauderdale floridaThere are multiple social media sites that are now up and running.  It seems like every day there is a new one advertising something new that the other ones do not have.  There is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.  All of these social media sites can help you and your business become successful and stay that way.  Patrick Zarrelli and his staff at SFL Media have years of experience and proven strategies that will make your social media presence look amazing and promote your business online.

Social Media Plays an Important Role For Your Business

Whether you are a new business in town or a business that has been around for over thirty years, a social media presence can make or break your business.  Word of mouth is great but times have changed drastically.  This new age of time relies heavily on social media.  If you take a look around, everyone is on a cell phone now.  Remember back when we had no cell phones?  Millennials and teenagers don’t remember.  They have always been able to have access to a cell phone. Everyone has access to a lot more information just due to social media.  Sure, some is fake news but that is where Patrick Zarrelli and his staff at SFL Media come in.  They will update all of your social media pages daily and promote your business so that your revenue will increase drastically.

Do You Need Social Media Management?

When you hire Patrick Zarrelli and his staff at SFL Media for social media management, you are getting professional people that care about you, your business, and what happens to the both of you.  They want to see you succeed.  One of the many social media managers will sit down with you and go over all of your social media pages.  They will analyze the layout, the theme and they will also make sure all of the important information is accurate and up to date.  The last thing you want is an old phone number or an incorrect address on your social media pages.  That will not promote your business in a positive way.  Patrick Zarrelli and his social media managers know how to successfully promote your business.

There are proven strategies that are in place on social media pages of numerous businesses that assist them in getting more online traffic to their sites.  The social media managers that work for Patrick Zarrelli will put you and your business as their top priority so that revenue will increase for you.  The URL associated with your business is an important part of your social media presence.  Patrick Zarrelli’s social media managers will make sure that it is up to date and that it works correctly.  You want consumers to be able to make one-click online and get to your business.  If the URL does not work correctly, that can affect your business.  The social media managers will post on the social media pages of your business on a daily basis.  When customers see that there are regular and consistent posts to the pages of your business, that will help them decide to spend their money on the social media page of your business.

Hire Patrick Zarrelli And His Staff Today

Just take a moment to think about this scenario.  You saw an amazing vintage t-shirt on a person that you passed while you were out walking your dog this morning.  You ask the person where they got it from.  They tell you it is an old t-shirt and that they got it from a store in the next state over while they were traveling on a vacation.  You ask them what the name of the store is.  They tell you the name and that it has been open for a very long time.  They let you know that it is like a mom-and-pop store located in the middle of nowhere.  They actually got lost and found it when they were trying to get back on the highway from a bathroom stop. You share a few laughs and then you both are on your way.  You get back home and start your search for that store’s name but can’t find it.  A few reasons may be because there is no social media sites for the business, maybe you spelled the name wrong or it could have gone out of business.  Patrick Zarrelli and his social media managers would be the optimal option for this business.  You see, the store is still open but they have no social media presence.  The social media managers at SFL Media would put together online web pages for them on all of the social media sites.  They will take their time to discuss with them the business, the products they offer and what they hope to achieve with an online presence.  They will make sure the layout is optimal so that the business will increase their revenue and lead to possible expansion of their business.  The social media managers will post daily to all of the social media pages whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn.  You don’t want your business to be absent from the current online trends that other major businesses are aware of. You want to be part of the trends when it comes to your business revenue. You will want your social media pages to look busy.  You want other customers to see a lot of activity on your pages.  Lack of posts will show your future customers that not a lot of people are wanting your products or services.  When future customers see numerous posts and positive reviews, this lets them know that the quality of your goods and services is superb and this encourages them to spend their money with you.  After all, who does not want more money coming into their business?  That mom-and-pop store that is located in the middle of nowhere could become a worldwide known and an extremely popular place to get vintage t-shirts.  

Patrick Zarrelli and his social media managers are ready to help you and your business gain customers and increase your revenue.  Call them today at (954) 740-7900.

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