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Managed hosting is the service provided to businesses and companies where they are leased servers that are just for them along with the hardware associated with those servers. Patrick Zarrelli and his dedicated staff at SFL Media are an amazing group of professional tech employees that have numerous years of experience in hosting websites, managing businesses server space as well as managing your server itself. You have the option to rent a dedicated server, storage hardware, network hardware, the operating systems as well as the systems software. Patrick Zarrelli and his staff at SFL Media do managed hosting that is now powered by Liquid Web. Liquid Web is a United States based website and server hosting company that offers premium managed web hosting solutions. Their standards are far higher than any other server hosting company in terms of speed, safety, sophistication, and support. They can host your website, manage your server space, or manage your server that is already up and operational. Someone from Patrick Zarrelli’s staff at SFL Media will be available for you anytime you need. You will also have the back up support of the staff at Liquid Web. They can be reached by chat on the website at any time of the day or night.

Do You Need Managed Hosting?

Liquid Web is a group of professionals that specializes in getting to know you and your goals for your company. They will sit down with you and customize a solution that will assist you in reaching your goals for your business quicker. They have pricing and pre-calculated solutions that will allow them to launch your server quicker and with ease. All of the Cloud Servers are managed by professionals which allows you to focus on your business. The staff manages the entire server so you have nothing to worry about. You will not have to stress about if something works properly or not and you do not have to worry about repairs. The Cloud Servers with Liquid Web launch in minutes, they are built to allow for additional resources, give you 10Gb of network (public and private), integrated firewalls, Acronis Backups are included, and they are easy to use. The servers are built on OpenStack technology and are built for high demand sites as well as apps. The Cloud Servers are completely managed from a user-friendly dashboard and have someone that you can reach at anytime by phone or email if you need any assistance.

SFL Media: (954) 740-7900

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