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The beautiful summer air is upon us. Time for people to pack their stuff and head to the beach for trips of all kinds. People are ready to be out on the water fishing, searching for that perfect wave to surf or just wanting to lay in the sand and enjoy the day. Regardless your reasoning for being there, everyone could benefit from a little gadget know-how.


Beach of the Future


The days are gone when people are off-the-grid on these beautiful coasts. Technology has permeated our world and brought an age of waterproof tech that gives us capabilities beyond our wildest dreams. There are simple inventions like a plastic case for smart phones to be protected from water. On the other hand, you have mind boggling waterproof drones that allow you to see their world in ways you wouldn’t imagine. Interested in what to bring on your next sandy adventure? Here’s some perfect innovative gadgets and tech to accompany you on your next vacation.


Capture 1000 Words on the Open Sea


Your beach trip is imminent! Essentials are packed and we’re ready to survive on the coast. In a few years you’ll want to remember these moments like they were yesterday. Thank goodness cameras nowadays are able to capture every waking aquatic moment. Newer high-tech cameras are able to perform at an unbelievable level. Some will even allow you to take pictures at depths of up to 30 meters for you deep sea divers! Some captivating examples of this new-age technology are:


Nikon Coolpix W300


This user-friendly piece of technology is equipped with 4k video, dexterous GPS capabilities, Wi-Fi connectivity and the strength to withstand a depth of 30 meters! The Nikon Coolpix W300 handled due to size and even has a unique little style to it. This is an ideal camera if you plan on going scuba-diving. It allows for a large depth to be reached and is easily transported. Not only that, but bank on it keeping track of your depth as well!


Olympus Tough TG – 5


If you’re more of a let’s jump into action type of person, you probably require a camera that’s a bit more sturdy. The Olympus Tough TG – 5 has great potential as your in the mud camera. Want to go out on the surf with it? This camera has a Pro mode that exceeds at high-speed buffering. Therein, allowing for the camera to take great motion pictures. Environmental sensors for the camera include a GPS, sensors to measure both altitude and depth and an electric compass. Very tactically favored camera and sturdy to withstand the weather.




Sun-Bathe in the Soundwaves


You’ve found your go to picture snappers and you’re moving on to your speaker situation. The options for having music on your adventures are almost endless. All that is needed is to pinpoint your tastes and how you plan to spend your time. Will you be going to a get together where the tunes need to be going and people flowing? Or is this a get-away for you to tune-out the world and peacefully reset. Either way your tech requests can and will be sated.


Denon Envaya DSB-250BT


Planning a party on the pier? If you want a wireless Bluetooth speaker capable of pumping up your get together then the Denon Envaya DSB-250BT might do the trick. It prides itself on not only its powerful capabilities, but also while retaining the sleek look of an in-home speaker. Fully waterproof and containing a bass system that will surprise you should you just be walking by. Easy to use and arguably the best possible choice for the job.



Jaybird X4


Not really a person for a group setting? Planning on escaping your worrisome life and let your mind drift away to some sweet, smooth and soothing sounds. The Jaybird X4 Bluetooth headphones engages their users with a large battery capacity and water resistance. Solid audio performance while maintaining an easy and flexible use. These headphones are perfect to throw on and enjoy the day in a world of your own.



Explore the Ocean Horizon


For all the go-getters and explorers of the unknown, there are an impressive number of opportune tech gadgets. Having the head-start here provides an incredible amount of chances to discover the reaches of the deep. For the adventurous mind the reaches of the worlds are infinite. Waterproof drones are available to survey the waters. Should you dare to take that responsibility in to your own hands then check out the waterproof location trackers available to you as well.


Sofar Trident


Underwater drones are basically remote-controlled mini submarines. These epic inventions allow you to examine the depths and sate your imagination. This particular model is capable of reaching depths of 100 meters. It records videos in 1080p at 30fps. Also, LED lights are mounted on the drone to brighten your underwater escapades. Don’t forget to download the smart phone app for the device so you can operate the drone via the Cockpit app.


Yepzon One Personal GPS Tracker


This may sound obvious, but it is wise to keep a back-up plan when traveling out at sea. Having something to keep track of your location is more than necessary. Now you may be thinking, “This is supposed to be for a bag or keys,” but the application of its use is based on what you are doing. Going out on the open waters could be a dangerous thing for some. This simple device could save your life in all reality if, and we hope it doesn’t, something goes wrong and you’re lost.




Customize Your Coral Castle


Escape your daily pressures and get out into the sun. Enjoy yourself a week, weekend or even a day to yourself or with your friends and family. However, don’t falter and make sure you are fully prepared for your get-away extravaganza. Whether you need to capture every moment, adjust the acoustics for your beach party or even explore the unknown. Make sure you are ready and just in all honesty; enjoy every single moment you are able to have.

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