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Amazon is an ever-growing mind breaking business that has its reaches to almost every end of the Earth. From sales online, to managing productions and even gasoline sales! That’s right, Amazon does indeed sell gas; And more than that, they were selling gas for record low prices.


Amazon Marketing Strategy


Amazon has tons of marketing strategies. Their Prime section also has the capabilities for users to watch streaming shows. If you’ve been paying attention, they are promoting their tv show The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. This series shows life in the 1950’s and gives people an aspect of life they probably couldn’t imagine in this day and age. One particular thing is gas prices. Amazon decided to take a page out of this series and transform their gas prices to what they would have been in the 1950’s. For a normal business, this could mean catastrophic proportions if taken advantage of. However, with Amazon’s marketing abilities, they can take this hit knowing that it will just continue to allow them to shine in their popularity.



Gas Prices in the 1950’s?


We’ve all had the conversations with elder people saying that, “Back in my day this was 10 cents.” They weren’t lying to you! Gas prices were one of the things that were exponentially different than their current rates. On August 15th, Amazon lowered its gas prices in Santa Monica, CA to 30 cents a gallon!

There isn’t an area in the world you will find gas this cheap. This caught so many peoples’ attention that the police had to investigate! The low-priced gas was an attraction for all. Traffic was soon affected and there were blockages on main roads due to the infamous pricing. Police talked with Amazon to get a better handle on the movement. Business had to cease for a duration of time, but they were able to come to an agreement on the event. And so, lines were then formed and everything went in a much more organized (yet increasingly slower) fashion.

Insane to think that Amazon has gotten so large that they can afford a 30 cent per gallon gas extravaganza. Amazon truly is a company that is always trying to better themselves and satisfy the public. The company we all know and love ceases to amaze.

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