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#5 Georgia Dominates the Orange Bowl

In a spectacular display of skill and dominance, the #5 Georgia Bulldogs emerged victorious in the 2023 Orange Bowl, leaving no doubt about their prowess on the football field. Facing off against a #4 Florida State team missing 30 players from the regular season roster, Georgia delivered a resounding blowout win with a final score of 63-3.

Opening Kickoff

Georgia set the tone for the game, showcasing an impressive combination of offensive precision and defensive strength. The Bulldogs wasted no time putting points on the board, running back Kendall Milton had a 15-yard and a 5-yard touchdown runs Georgia 14 Florida State 0. The Bulldogs wasted no time putting points on the board, establishing an early lead that they would only build upon as the game progressed. Running back Daijun Edwards ran for a 15-yard touchdown, followed by a Ladd McConkey 27-yard touchdown run making it Georgia 28 Florida State 3. Georgia quarterback Carson Beck added a 12-yard and 2-yard touchdown pass before halftime, making it Georgia 42 Florida State 3.

Georgia Offense

Quarterback Carson Beck led the charge, orchestrating a relentless offensive onslaught that left the shorthanded Florida State defense scrambling. Beck went 13 of 18 on pass attempts for 203-yards with two touchdowns. Quarterback Gunner Stockton saw action as well throwing two touchdowns passes as well. The passing game was particularly effective, with precise throws and strategic play calling leading to a barrage of touchdowns. Receivers Dillon Bell five catches for 86-yards, Ladd McConkey’s 49 total yards and one touchdown. They showcased their agility and speed, exploiting weaknesses in the Seminoles shorthanded defensive coverage. The Bulldogs ground game was equally formidable, with a powerful rushing attack that proved too much for the Florida State defense to handle. Running backs Kendall Milton nine carries for 104-yards and two touchdowns, Daijun Edwards seven carries for 62-yards and two touchdowns. Running back Roderick Robinson also had seven carries for 70-yards for a overall team total of 372-yards.

Bulldogs Defense

Defensively, Georgia demonstrated why they were a force to be reckoned with throughout the season. The Bulldogs defense stifled Florida State’s attempts to move the ball, shutting down scoring opportunities and forcing four turnovers. The defensive line applied relentless pressure on the Seminoles, disrupting plays and limiting their offensive options. Lead by linebacker C.J. Allen six tackles, Mykel Williams three tackles and forced fumble, and defensive back Daylen Everette three tackles and one interception. Bulldogs only gave up 209 total yards during the game.


Second Half

As the game progressed, it became evident that Georgia was operating on a different level, leaving Florida State struggling to find answers. Third quarter Georgia Daijun Edwards ran for a two yard touchdown, and Stockton completed a 4-yard touchdown pass making it Georgia 56 Florida State 3. Stockton threw one more touchdown pass to finish off the scoring on the afternoon. The Bulldogs coaching staff’s strategic decisions and effective game planning were reflected in every facet of their play, emphasizing their commitment to excellence.

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While the win solidified Georgia’s season as a college football powerhouse, the outcome also raised questions about free agency in college football, and questions weather the transfer portal is out of control. The 2023 Orange Bowl will undoubtedly be remembered as a showcase of Georgia’s football prowess, leaving fans eager for next season.

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