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Sergei Pavlovich is a Russian mixed martial artist who has competed in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and is also an accomplished Sambo athlete.

Sambo is a Russian martial art and combat sport that combines elements of Judo and wrestling, and it’s often referred to as “sombo” in English. It emphasizes throws, takedowns, and ground grappling techniques, as well as striking techniques. Pavlovich began practicing Sambo at a young age and has won multiple medals in various Sambo competitions.

In 2018, Pavlovich signed with the UFC and made his debut at UFC Fight Night 141 in Beijing, China, where he knocked out his opponent, Tai Tuivasa, in the first round. He went on to compete in two more UFC fights, winning one and losing one, before being released from the organization in 2020. During his time in the UFC, Pavlovich showcased his striking skills and knockout power, earning him a reputation as a dangerous heavyweight contender.

Overall, Sergei Pavlovich is a skilled fighter with a background in Sambo and notable accomplishments in the UFC.

Sergei Pavlovich and His Future in the UFC Heavyweight Division

Sergei Pavlovich is a talented mixed martial artist from Russia who has shown great potential in the UFC heavyweight division. He has a background in Sambo, a Russian martial art that emphasizes throws, takedowns, and grappling techniques, and has translated those skills effectively into his MMA career.

Pavlovich made his UFC debut in November 2018, knocking out Tai Tuivasa in the first round with a barrage of punches. He followed that up with a decision win over Marcelo Golm before suffering his first loss in the organization to Alistair Overeem. Despite that loss, Pavlovich showed his toughness and resilience by fighting through adversity and nearly finishing Overeem in the first round.

At 29 years old, Pavlovich is still relatively young in his MMA career and has the potential to develop into a top contender in the UFC heavyweight division. He possesses excellent striking skills and knockout power, as well as a solid ground game, which makes him a well-rounded fighter in the heavyweight division. With continued development and experience, Pavlovich could be a force to be reckoned with in the UFC heavyweight division.




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