The impeachment trials are over and President Donald Trump is acquitted of both articles of impeachment. In an almost completely bipartisan attempt and removing Donald Trump from office, there was but one Republican who voted to convict Trump. Republican senator Mitt Romney. Although, this won’t change much now that the impeachment trials are over and the race for the presidency is upon us again this year. President Donald Trump still has almost all of the backing from the republican party. However, shall we delve into Mitt Romney’s decision?


One Opposed


This year marked for the third president ever to face an impeachment trial. Though many of people have seen this action as a bipartisan move from the Democratic party, due to Mitt Romney’s vote, it will not be seen as such. Mitt Romney is playing the role of “the martyr” among the Republicans. In his eyes, he sees the movements of President Trump as an obvious abuse of power. If one is able to tamper with international political beings to discuss their opponents’ political campaigns, then there will never be a true political race. These foreign connections should play no role in our government decisions. Mitt Romney, to the day, believes that President Donald Trump should indeed be convicted for his actions.


Romney, Man of Faith, Political Backlash?


Mitt Romney is being seen as the Republican who is doing the “devout” action of denying Trump’s innocence. He claims his faith and his righteousness led him to his decisions. As he would be unable to pretend that President Trump’s actions were in the right under the gaze of God.

“Well, I took my responsibility exactly as the Constitution defines it and as the oath I took requires it,” “Which is that I was sworn before God to apply impartial justice as a Senate juror.” – Mitt Romney

Romney may be facing some political backlash as the only Republican to convict President Donald Trump during the impeachment trials. However, does this mean anything for the future of President Trump and the republicans? Only the presidential race will tell if we will be seeing Donald Trump for another four year term.