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Discovering the depths of the deep blue sea is something that is sought after to this very day. Within the dark abyss dwells myths and monsters of all kinds. However, from the infamous Megalodon to the smallest hammerhead, sharks are known as a beast of vigor. That is of course, most people. Ocean Ramsey on the other hand, thinks quite the contrary. This shark enthusiast swims and bonds with the dwellers of the deep on a day to day basis and feels as if they are family. Dare to discover the nature of the shark?


Dare to Dwell?


Ocean Ramsey is THE shark advocate. She treats these creatures as any other living being on Earth and its wonderful to see. She truly enjoys every bit of what she does and cares for all of the sharks she looks after. Not only does Ocean do this herself, but she offers guides, teaching and cageless free dives. That’s correct, cageless. You’ll be face to face with multiple different species of shark. Hawaii is home to a bunch of different sharks such as hammerheads, tiger sharks, whale sharks and even Galapagos sharks. What an extraordinary opportunity she provides to people that are even slightly curious about marine life!


Intrigued? Sign Up!


Ocean Ramsey offers a bunch of different ways to help her movement or be a part of learning experience as well. You can head to her site here. Be proactive and take part in the Pelagic Program! Here is a little information about it from her site:

“The #PelagicProgram is an interactive research based program now open to the public. Hailed as “one of the best programs for inspiring shark and marine conservation.” Founded as a research program By Ocean Ramsey, One Ocean Diving opened to the public in an effort to help educate people about the reality of sharks and facilitate and empower people with first hand experience.”

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