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Trump Disappears Into Seclusion – A Closer Look

by | Dec 15, 2022 | Politics, TV

Seth Meyers Talks About Trump’s Announcement on Late Night

Former President Donald Trump announced that he is running for President in 2024. The only problem for Donald Trump is that he lost his last election to now President Joe Biden, in a decisive manner. Biden will likely run again and there is nothing to suggest that the outcome of the election would be any different a second time around. Then on top of that, all of the candidates that Trump hand-choose lost their elections in the midterms. Which sent Trump into seclusion to formulate a new plan of attack and presumably lick his political wounds.

The country sent Trump a message loud and clear in the last two elections, that they are over his MAGA-obsessed anti-intellectualism movement. In the swing states, Republican voters turned out to vote in greater numbers than Democratic voters did in the midterms. Which means it was not a problem in turnout for the Republicans. Their voters showed up to vote, they just voted against the Trump-endorsed candidates. It was actually a candidate quality issue that hurt Republicans in the midterms, not a voter turnout issue, as some pundits have suggested on the TV talk shows.

This means there is zero chance for Donald Trump to win a general election in the current political atmosphere. There simply are not enough voters left in the Trump coalition to get him into office again. He lost last time, and he hasn’t gained any new supporters since then. He would need some kind of miracle to win again. But, this is American politics where miracles happen every day. So stay tuned!

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