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Our dirtbag first family, the Trumps, are cheating in the upcoming 2020 election already. Is this appalling behavior really a surprise to any smart politically engaged American at this point? Welcome to the first family’s keep daddy out of prison by any means necessary tour 2020…

The Trumps, the Beverly Hillbillies of politics, cheated in the first election. Then Mueller pussied out and didn’t even question President Trump. He then followed that up by releasing a 400-page diatribe report that no one in Congress even read. Dear Mr. Mueller, 400 pages in modern America, might as well be a billion pages! Most Americans haven’t read 400 pages in their entire life, they aren’t going to start with a political report. Not when they have partisan news being blasted in their face from every house wall, automobile ride, and their very own super computer charged pocket 24 hours a day.

You really have to wonder if Mueller’s protection of our institutions was not actually the key to bringing them down forever. Mueller’s rigidity and inability to mold to the modern times it would seem has put the country in grave danger. In retrospect taking a look back at how James Comey did things, by not arresting people. But by publicly scolding them, was actually a way better method for our media-frenzied modern times. Crazy as that may actually sound.

Comey’s raw honesty is now very much missed in the days of the cryptic Mueller press conference and his refusal to testify. Could Mueller not simply say, “the President has committed a mountain of crimes, that I farmed out to multiple states because he is a sitting president and I can’t currently charge him?” I mean how hard would it be for Mueller to just be honest with the American people? What possible benefit can there be to sitting by on his hands while these Trump termites eat away at the very soul of our nation?

But, I digress. Fast forward to today and the unchecked Trump family is reveling in the newly created fact-free and legality free operating room that Mueller has created for them. With the Trump family finances not exposed the financial pipelines are wide open. Money is pouring in from their traditional investments as well as all their investments that can benefit from Trump being President places like Maralago and Trump hotel in DC are cashing in big time. With no media checks in place, Facebook is already completely overrun with fake news a year out from the election and my whole feed is overrun with right-wing propaganda.

Donald Trump Jr is actively sharing fake news, participating in bot attacks, and spreading racist propaganda. This week Trump Jr shared this birther post to the left claiming that Kamala Harris was not qualified to speak on African American rights because she was “not an American Black.” Even though Kamala Harris was born in California in 1964. So the whole Mueller investigation means nothing as of right now. The Trumps are actively participating in bot and fake news bot attacks out in the open. There is a very good chance they are going to win the next election it looks like. Which means Trump could die before being arrested, stay in office past the statute of limitations on his crimes, or be in the office so long that when he gets out nothing happens to him and everyone gives him a pass.

The more you look at it the more it looks like Mueller did the only thing he could do to kill the investigation, hand trump the next election, and make sure that anything that does come of trumps crimes is way down the road when he is either too old to care, dead, or even better no one else cares anymore. Mueller failed America if you ask me, where I sit today. We will see what comes of the Mueller master plan and farmed out the case in the future. But as it sits now it would seem that Trump is the Teflon Don, law and order mean nothing, and Mueller for all intents and purposes has hidden from the corridors of history choosing to cowar in the shadows rather than stand up to a tyrant. Mueller has effectively refused to put his credibility on the line, in order to call out America’s first treacherous President. So I ask you America who will save us now? The answer, no one.

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