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Islam Makhachev vs Charles Oliveira – Full UFC Title Fight

Now that I have watched this fight a second time, I realize it was even closer than I had remembered it was. As a Charles Oliveira fan I was sad to see him lose the title, I felt he was a good and deserving UFC Champion.

I wonder if Charles regrets pulling guard and not standing with Islam initially because personally, I believe that Oliveira has a better striking game and his jiu-jitsu is good enough to make Islam think before taking him down. I feel that by pulling guard he played into Islam Makhachev strong suit.

You have to have a perfect fighting plan to beat Islam and the Khabib Nurmagomedov camp that he trains with in Dagestan. They are wrestling masters and masters of wrist control and that’s so important n a UFC fight. We have yet to see a UFC fighter come to fight Islam or Khabib with a successful game plan and it’s starting to feel like fighters are not taking their fights against the Russian sambo style fighters as serious as they should.

They almost come to the rights prepared to lose instead of prepared to fight off their swarming wrestling attacks. Which is adding to the folklore of these Russian base sambo fighters.

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