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The United States Sends Another Billion to Ukraine

Man, fighting a proxy war sure is expensive. But, for the price, we are getting a great deal. We are now able to essentially buy our way out of the Putin era. For all the possible ways it could have ended. Funding Ukraine’s war to fight off the Russian invasion was a hell a lot better than fighting our own war against Russia in the future.

It is almost perfect because Ukraine doesn’t have nukes so Russia can’t really play the nuclear card without invoking a massive international response. Which they definitely do not want. So they are forced into this conventional war where we find out that Putin’s oligarchs have been stealing his money and building yachts instead of military equipment. Big surprise there, no one spends money like these overprivileged Russian oligarchs. Then we also find out that Ukrainians are tough as nails with a great sense of national pride and are willing to fight to the last man to maintain their sovereignty.

The Ukrainians are also militarily backed by the free world which is giving them all kinds of advanced weapons systems. All the while the United States is giving them the best intel in the world and top-tier military guidance. I was critical of our Secretary of Defense Loyd Austin at the onset of the war for not doing enough. But I was completely wrong. Secretary of Defense Austin is running a master class in warfare on the Russians. He is literally beating the Russian army with another country’s military! I honestly wouldn’t expect anything less from this guy. He was like the boots on the ground General in our Middle East wars. He is the real deal, like in the foxhole, with his face painted, calling in bombing strikes, real deal.

The US goal seems to be to help Ukraine push the Russians out of Ukraine as well as the previously occupied area of Crimea. Which President Zelensky has mentioned many times in his speeches. This is great for the US who just wants every possible chance to grind Russia’s military and Putin’s power at home into the dirt while they can. They know they can keep giving Ukraine enough weapons to win the war, the free world combined is a lot bigger and stronger than Russia is alone, and the longer the war goes on the weaker Russia will be. Multiple times United States government officials have said that they want to make sure, that when this war is over. Russia does not have the power, military equipment, or strength to ever do this again.

So the plan seems to be working like a charm and Putin seems to be completely unaware that the US and Ukraine are using his stubbornness and overconfidence against him. By staying in the war Putin will make his country so weak that it will literally implode from the inside out.

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