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Russian President Vladimir Putin met with residents of the Caspian seaside city of Derbent, in the mostly Muslim Dagestan region. The event had to be staged since Putin is afraid of his own shadow. There is no way he would take a selfie with a random girl. But that didn’t stop the US Media from reporting on it like it was a real and normal event.

While he may not engage in frequent or casual interactions with the public like some other political leaders, there have been instances where Putin has participated in public events, engaged in dialogue with citizens, and visited various regions of Russia.

It is worth noting that Putin’s public appearances are often carefully orchestrated and controlled by the Kremlin, the Russian government’s executive branch. His image is carefully managed, and his public engagements are typically designed to project a specific image or convey specific messages to the Russian people and the international community.

There are several factors that may contribute to the perception that Putin is less accessible to the general public:

  1. Security Concerns: As the leader of a major world power, Putin faces security risks that necessitate a certain level of protection and caution. His security detail and advisors work to ensure his safety, and this can limit direct interactions with the public.
  2. Presidential Duties and Schedule: As the President of Russia, Putin has a demanding schedule and numerous responsibilities that may limit his availability for extensive public interactions. He is involved in various governmental and diplomatic activities that require his attention and time.
  3. Political Culture and Power Dynamics: Russia has a different political culture and power structure compared to some other countries. Putin is known for maintaining a strong central authority, and the political system is often characterized as highly centralized. This may create a perception of distance between the president and the public.
  4. Media Control and Messaging: The Russian government exercises significant control over the media landscape in the country. This control allows for shaping the narrative surrounding Putin and his activities, potentially influencing the visibility and perception of his interactions with the public.

It is essential to recognize that these factors are general observations and may not capture the full complexity of Putin’s relationship with the public. Public figures, including heads of state, have different styles of engagement, and their public appearances can be influenced by a variety of factors.



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