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Dolphins Last-Second Field Goal Beats Cowboys

In a nail biting showdown on Christmas Eve, the Miami Dolphins secured a stunning 22-20 win over the Dallas Cowboys. The final moments of the game unfolded in a crescendo of excitement as the Dolphins executed a last-second 29-yard by Jason Sanders that left both teams in awe.

Game Time

The game, played at Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens, Florida, showcased the resilience and determination of both teams. The Cowboys, know for their offensive prowess, put up a formidable fight throughout the match. It was kicker Jason Sanders who got the Dolphins on the scoreboard first with a 57-yard field goal, the Cowboys would answer with some big plays of their own. Receiver CeeDee Lamb made a 49-yard touchdown catch from Dak Prescott, giving the Cowboys a 7-3 lead.

Second Quarter

It was the Dolphins strategic brilliance and composure under pressure in the second quarter that ultimately lead to their halftime lead. Dolphins kicker Sanders would answer again with a 52-yard field goal after a 6 play 31-yard drive. Dolphins would score again before the end of the half with a Raheem Mostert 4-yard touchdown pass from Tua Tagovailoa, giving them a 13-7 halftime lead.

The Second Half

The Dolphins would go 5 plays and only gained 24-yards on the drive with kicker Sanders once again making a field goal this one of 54-yards. Dolphins 16 Cowboys 7. Both teams would exchange field goals to close out the third quarter giving the Dolphins a 19-10 lead heading into the final quarter. The Cowboys, offense found some rhythm with them going 10 plays, 60-yards with kicker Brandon Aubrey making a 33-yard field goal. Dolphins 19 Cowboys 13. The Cowboys would go on another offensive drive of 17 plays, 69-yards, with receiver Brandin Cooks making a 8-yard touchdown catch from Dak Prescott. Cowboys 20 Dolphins 19 with 3:27 to go in the fourth quarter.

The Final Drive

As the clock ticked down to its final minutes, the Dolphins found themselves trailing by a narrow margin. With fans holding their breath and tension building, the Dolphins orchestrated a last minute drive that saw them advance steadily toward the Cowboys territory. The precision passing of Tua Tagovailoa and strategic plays exhibited by the Dolphins offense set the stage for the climactic moment. The drive lasted 12 plays, 64-yards and took up the final 3:27 time on the clock. With mere seconds left on the clock, the Dolphins opted for a field goal attempt. The pressure on the kicker was palpable, as the fate of the game rested on the accuracy of this critical kick. As the ball sailed through the uprights, Sanders 29-yard field goal was good, the stadium erupted in cheers, capturing the essence of the Dolphins hard fought triumph 22-20.


The Cowboys, while undoubtedly disappointed with the outcome, acknowledged the Dolphins exceptional performance. The game served as a testament to the unpredictability and excitement that make football a beloved and thrilling sport. This exhilarating match between the Dolphins and the Cowboys will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the standout moments of the season. As both teams reflect on the contest, fans are left with a memorable example of the unpredictable and heart stopping nature of professional football, where the outcome is often determined in the dying seconds of play.

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Buccaneers Beat Jaguars 30-12

In a stunning display of dominance, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers secured a resounding victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars, leaving fans and analysts alike in awe of their performance. The final score line reflected a blowout win for the Buccaneers, showcasing their prowess on both ends of the field.

Buccaneers Offense

The offense, lead by quarterback Baker Mayfield, operated with precision and efficiency. Mayfield’s passes and decision making left the Jaguars defense scrambling to contain the onslaught. Mayfield had 283-yards and two touchdown passes, with a 22-yard touchdown pass to Mike Evans. The Buccaneers receiving corps, featuring stars like Evans and Godwin, proved too much for the Jaguars to handle, consistently finding openings and racking up impressive yards after the catch. Evans had 7 catches with 86-yards and two touchdowns, with Godwin having 6 catches 78-yards as well. Buccaneers kicker Chase McLaughlin made three field goals with a long of 51-yards.


The Buccaneers displayed a formidable front, pressuring the Jaguars quarterback and forcing crucial turnovers. The defense line’s relentless pursuit causing four sacks disrupted the Jaguars offensive rhythm, while the secondary capitalized on opportunities to intercept two passes and stifle potential scoring plays. Tampa Bay’s defense causing four turnovers effectively shutting down key aspects of the Jaguars game plan, leaving them struggling to find any sustained momentum. Key players were YaYa Diaby 5 tackles 2 sacks and a fumble recovery, Lavonte David 8 tackles 1 sack 1 tackle for a loss, and Antoine Winfield Jr. 3 tackles 1 sack 1 interception 1 fumble recovery.


While blowout victories can sometimes be attributed to one-sided matchups, the Buccaneers win over the Jaguars showcased their all-around excellence. The teams collective talent, leadership, and execution on both sides of the ball solidified their status as a force to be reckoned with in the south division. As the Buccaneers celebrate this blowout win, they also set their sights on the remainder of the season, aiming to maintain their high level of performance and make a strong push for the playoffs.

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