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When you fight for a far right-wing political agenda of issues that do not affect or benefit your real life in any way. You just keep getting angrier and angrier. Because nothing ever gets better for you…

The Republican party basically has no new ideas, no plan for the environment, healthcare, family leave, green energy, or even the debt crisis. They have no new initiatives or plans for our nation at all. They have no goal other than to protect record profits for the corporations that keep them in elected office. It is really as simple as that my friends. All they have is a list of things you need to hate to fit in with their agenda of separating Americans with wedge issues on behalf of the ruling class. The modern-day Republican party at its core is nothing more than a hate litmus test.

A litmus test of hate-filled wedge issues that they use to trick less-educated rural voters into voting against their own economic interests and for the corporations. By scaring them into voting for Republicans with wedge issues like immigration, abortion, and gay marriage. This is why they thrive in small towns and not highly educated cities. In small towns, these wedge issues still scare people and motivate voters to turn out for elections. In big cities, the population is far too smart to fall for these lame wedge issue tactics. This tactic of using wedge issues to divide Americans over the years has turned republicans into a party of hate. Do you hate the same things that I hate? Like gays, minorities, and women? If so you’re in!

The only problem is when you vote for a party that thrives on hate instead of progress they do nothing for you. The result? You get angrier and angrier. A lot of you were nice normal people pre-Republican politics. But now you’re on the front lines of a culture war fighting and lying like a politician. Arguing with friends and family online and via text message. Not even realizing that you’re being controlled by a pre-planned republican narrative designed to keep you angry and voting for them, and thus voting against your own personal political interests.

If you ever stopped watching angry news like Fox and stopped spending all day on your crazy Facebook feed. You might notice that the corporations and republicans that they’re protecting are ruining the country and our lives. They even tried to steal an election and led a murderous insurrection on our nation’s Capitol. There aren’t republicans and democrats anymore my friends. There are just people who understand politics and what’s happening in the country. Then there are people trapped in a right-wing vortex of wedge issue hatred designed to steal elections and keep them voting against themselves.

There is no in-between anymore…


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Patrick Zarrelli

Tech CEO, Aggressive Progressive, and Unrelenting Realist. @PJZNY Across the Web!!!

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