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The issue of using Native American names, imagery, and mascots by sports teams has been a topic of debate and discussion for many years.

Some sports teams with Native American names and mascots have faced pressure from advocacy groups and Native American communities, who argue that these representations can be offensive and perpetuate stereotypes. This has led some teams, particularly in professional sports leagues such as the National Football League (NFL), to change their names or logos voluntarily in response to public opinion and concerns raised by Indigenous groups.

In the case of the Florida State Seminoles, the team has maintained its name and continued to use the Seminole name and imagery. It is worth noting that the university has established a relationship with the Seminole Tribe of Florida, working closely with tribal representatives to ensure respectful representation. This collaboration includes the approval and support of the Seminole Tribe of Florida, which may have contributed to the decision to retain the name.

It’s important to recognize that perspectives on this issue can vary, and opinions differ on whether team names and mascots should be changed. It is possible that future developments or changes in public opinion could impact the use of Native American names by sports teams.

The Florida State Seminoles Have a Great Relationship With the Seminole Tribe


Florida State University (FSU) has had a longstanding relationship with the Seminole Tribe of Florida, which has been crucial in shaping their approach to the use of the Seminole name and imagery. Here are some ways in which FSU has collaborated with the Seminole Tribe:

  1. Approval and Support: The university sought and received explicit approval from the Seminole Tribe of Florida to use the name “Seminole” for their athletic teams. This collaboration distinguishes FSU from other institutions that use Native American names or mascots without the endorsement of the respective tribes.
  2. Advisory Board: FSU established the “Seminole Tribe of Florida Board of Directors,” comprising Seminole Tribe representatives who provide guidance and oversight on issues related to the use of Seminole imagery and traditions. The board ensures that the university maintains respectful and accurate portrayals.
  3. Research and Education: FSU has invested in research and educational programs that focus on Seminole history, culture, and contemporary issues. The university offers courses, scholarships, and internships related to the Seminole Tribe, contributing to a better understanding of their heritage.
  4. Student Involvement: FSU encourages student engagement with the Seminole Tribe through various organizations and events. The university’s student-run organization, the “Seminole Tribe of Florida Student Association,” fosters cultural exchange and collaboration between FSU students and members of the Seminole Tribe.
  5. Shared Iconography: The use of Seminole symbols and imagery at FSU, such as the “Osceola and Renegade” mascot, has been carefully developed in consultation with the Seminole Tribe. The university strives to ensure that representations are respectful, accurate, and endorsed by the tribe.

It is important to note that the relationship between FSU and the Seminole Tribe is unique and specific to their collaboration. Each Native American tribe and institution may have different perspectives and agreements regarding the use of their names and imagery.



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