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Will the Olympics in Japan be Cancelled?

by | Mar 1, 2020 | Events, News

With the coronavirus spreading around the world, many Global events have begun to be cancelled for fear of it spreading. Unfortunately, it seems like the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games may be the next global event that is ended for fear of the disease. There have been recent cases in Japan that have been spreading fear among citizens for these events. In fact, Tokyo recently closed down all schools in fear of the disease spreading. With games already being postponed and cancelled, its hard to imagine an entire Olympic Games being taken place this year.


Setting Up the Olympics


Before any event is ready to begin, people must all travel, hotels must be booked, food and drink prepared and the media has to set up their spots. All of this is just an example of how this disease can be transmitted to others. There have already been cases of the coronavirus in Japan. Also, many other countries throughout Europe have also claimed that cases have been arising. At this rate, this disease could eventually turn into a worldwide epidemic. In order to destroy any chance of that happening, extreme caution must be taken to protect each other from the spread of the virus.


Olympic Games Release the Disease?


If the Olympic Games do take place, you’re looking at millions of people coming from all over across the globe. If one single person has any sign of the coronavirus within them, then mass panic would ensue. Could you imagine that one sick person infects every single human being at the Olympic Games? This would instantly turn into the newest form of the plague that would strike every human being around the world. Many games have already been postponed and are waiting a decision in March. However, as of right now, the odds of the Olympic Games happening are beginning to look slim.

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