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Stephan Colbert talks about the common-sense gun laws we all know that we need. That are currently being stonewalled by Congressional Republicans. Colbert not only points out that the solution is obvious, reduce the number of guns. He also goes through a handful of horrible and insincere ideas presented by Republicans to stop mass shootings. Things like arming teachers and arming senior citizens. Yup, these are actually real things that Republicans have suggested.

Colbert then breaks down how Donald Trump‘s political picks have been losing all over the country. Most importantly in the important swing state of Georgia where both Brad Raffensperger and Brian Kemp both won their elections handily. After Donald Trump came out against both of them hard in the primary.

Donald Trump has been furious at both candidates for refusing to overturn the Georgia election in his favor. So he has been attacking them at every chance he gets. Attacks that let you see a window into Trump’s inner soul. A soul that hates these two men with a passion. So for  Trump, it must have been very hard to sit and watch both men win their elections and win them both in high fashion.

It also shows that the people in the great state of Georgia couldn’t care less who Donald Trump thinks they should vote for. And that is the best news I’ve heard all night!

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