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Reporters Find Thousands of Russian Military Documents

The Reuters news reporters stumbled on a huge cache of Russian documents in an abandoned Russian command Center in the Ukrainian town of Balakliia last month. The documents were from senior command of the Russian military and included information on the number of Russian soldiers killed in the war. As well as information on the Russian military’s massive moral problem and the feeling of impending doom that the occupiers had as they waited for the Ukrainian counter-offensive to consume them. The documents also included highly informative insights into the workings and locations of key pieces of the Russian military war machine, including where all of its intel locations are located.

Reuters in total reviewed over 1,000 Russian military documents that were left behind in Russia’s retreat from the town of Balakliia last month. The documents were found in the basement of the Balakliia command center. That was also used as the make-shift detention center for captured Ukrainian troops and disobedient locals. The command center was set up in an abandoned car factory that was later deserted during the Ukrainian counter-offensive that reclaimed the town. Some former detainees of the command center recall other detainees being violently beaten and or raped during the Russian occupation of the town.

All in all, it is clear from the documents and witnesses’ statements that the Russian soldiers do not want to be in the war and do not trust their command or equipment, Vladimir Putin has essentially left them out to freeze and die in the Ukrainian snow. All because he can’t even accept the tiniest blow to his massive and extremely fragile ego.


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