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Putin Treats His Military Like They Are Disposable Soldiers

by | Feb 7, 2023 | Ukraine, Vladimir Putin

Putin’s Troops Get Droned to Death in the Freezing Cold Winter

Video of Putin’s Troops Being Blown to Pieces: Video

Look how Vladimir Putin treats his Russian soldiers. Leaving them out in the cold to get droned to death by the Ukrainians. This is the man conservatives cozy up to in this country. Imagine wanting to win elections so badly that you cozy up next to a human-murdering global terrorist just because he manipulates social media platforms into favoring you. That’s the state of the modern-day Republican party, especially people like Lauren Boebert.

Check Out This Video of Putin Leaving His Soldiers Out in the Cold to Die

Putins Soldiers Being Droned in the Freezing Cold: Video

Right-wingers have a fantastic ability to tune out reality. They huddle around Fox News the only station to promote their fevered hatred. They stay in heavily Russian-influenced right-wing social media silos, where hate is the dish of the day, served everyday piping hot. They even cozy up next to Putin because he shares their love of a traditional, white, patriarchal based society. For them, that is the real America, and Putin lines right up with their beliefs on how a society should be comprised in terms of race and sexuality. The fear of losing the majority of the country to minorities is so scary for Republicans that they will literally team up with anyone to try and stay in power even Vladimir Putin.

The Republicans tune out who Putin really is because it doesn’t serve them or their goals. Here is who Putin really is, a man who leaves his troops freezing to death huddled in self-dug dirt holes on the front lines of a war they have no real personal stake in or reason to be fighting in. Putin is a man so arrogant and power drunk that he lets his troops be brutally murdered in a war he knows that he has already lost. He is a man who has destroyed his entire country and way of life over his own ego. While Putin sits in his palace the country he says he loves so much is crumbling. While an entire generation of young Russian men is being slaughtered at his order for no good reason at all other than to satisfy his massive ego.

Links to videos of Putin’s Soldiers Dying: Links

Even Hitler Treated his Military Better Than Putin Does

No one in the history of modern warfare has ever led his own troops and country to the slaughterhouse as quickly and carelessly as Putin has done. Putin has led his men to certain death in what can only be described as the biggest leadership blunder in modern military history. Putin is a fool, an immature clown of a Military Leader, a man with the military intelligence and strategy of a mouse stuck in a simple maze. As a result of his god-awful, worst-in-generations, military leadership Putin has lost the respect of his entire military. If the war ended today and these soldiers came home to Moscow. They would kill him or remove him from office for what he has done to them. So Putin can’t even end the war if he wanted to. The day the war ends, is the beginning of the end of Putin’s reign over Russia. It’s honestly almost better if Putin kills off this entire generation of fighting-aged men in Russia, it helps him retain power over who is left in Russia after the war. But, I doubt that will happen. Putin and his regime are coming to an end and this war is his death rattle. As such the world has to be prepared for anything he and the Russian military may do out of desperation to try and keep power.

More of Putin’s Troops Being Droned to Death: Video

Putin is the kind of man, who if he can’t win his war in Ukraine, will try and take the whole modern world out with him. That’s how absolutely petty this foreign leader has become, the only thing he cares about is himself and retaining power.

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