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Who is Winning the Ukraine War?

The short answer is no one.

The Russians have launched more offensive maneuvers since winter has set in on the Ukraine war front. But their offensive maneuvers have led to almost zero military gains. The Russians have however been very successful at destroying Ukrainian infrastructure like power and water plants. At some point, it seems Russia gave up on trying to beat the Ukrainian military and turned its main focus to torturing the people of Ukraine, by making their everyday life as hard as possible. The Russians have been systematically taking out heat and water sources for the Ukrainians in the middle of their ice-cold winter season.

“Battle lines have been essentially static. The Russians have been doing more offensive operations… but not really achieving all that much… The question right now… is whether or not the Ukrainians can… do better than Russia in force generation… recruiting, equipping, training, organizing and employing additional forces.”Gen. David H. Petraeus

Who Gives The most Aid to Ukraine? Who Gives Ukriane the most Aid? United States Military Aid to Ukraine

Who Gives Ukraine the Most Military Aid?

The United States, its allies, NATO countries, and other free-world nations have all been sending tons of money and military supplies to Ukraine to keep them in the fight against Russia. This month would be no different as the United States has agreed to send over tanks and Bradley fighting vehicles. So has Germany. Ukraine is requesting 300 tanks to push back the Russians. The Russians started the war with 1,500 tanks, and 500 or so have been destroyed. The United States and Germany will be providing 321 tanks, 21 above Ukraine’s request, but certainly not the 1,000 tanks that Russia may still have operational. So even after this donation, Ukraine will be short on equipment and likely require more tanks down the road if the war continues.

On top of that, this is a long and bloody meat grinder of a war. Somedays the trenches in the front lines change hands multiple times in a single day. Can you imagine the fighting in those areas? How close up and bloody it must be? Ukraine has wide open frozen plains and these areas are home to some of the most violent battles of the war to date. Just poke your head up from the trenches and you could catch a bullet, a grenade dropped by a drone, or heavy artillery from a host of powerful weapons already in theatre. Due to the lay of the land, the winter weather, and the complete lack of wartime ethics from the Russians. Ukraine has become one of the bloodiest and most brutal war zones that the world has seen in many years. Worse yet, there is nothing on the horizon that suggests it will change anytime soon.

Who Provides the Most Aid to Ukraine?

A lot of people think that the United States of America is the biggest donor to the war in Ukraine. That’s true but also not accurate. The United States is the largest donor to the Ukraine war that is true. But, the United States is also the richest country in the world by a mile. So when you look at how much we donated compared to our national GDP. You see that we are not even close to the top donor for Ukraine. So when you see your heartless and crazy republican friends complaining about war spending in Ukraine remind them the United States military budget has been bloated for decades. Then show that compared to our GDP we are not the top donor to Ukraine. In fact, we are actually only ninth!

Ukraine Donations by Nation…

The graph below shows the total amount of donations given to Ukraine for the war from each country. In this graph you can clearly see that overall the United States has sent the most aid to Ukraine, at least financially speaking. Followed by the European Union and then a large drop off to the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Poland, France, Norway, and others. This however as I mentioned above does not tell the full story. Please check the second graph and see our donations compared to the percentage of the gross domestic product of this country. There you will see a completely different story, that shows that compared to our country’s extreme wealth, we really have not donated that much at all. We only rank 9th on the donation list when you measure it as a portion of the nation donating’s GDP.

Ukraine Aid by Country

Ukraine War Donations as part of GDP

Should We Kill Vladimir Putin?

Yes, but we won’t.

No matter how you slice it the war in Ukraine is costing a fortune. Moreover, it is responsible for countless deaths of innocent people and a multitude of war crimes. So would it not be easier to just kill Vladimir Putin and then everyone can go back to normal life? We all know no one in Russia wants this war, not the people, not the soldiers, and especially not the oligarchs. Everyone knew Putin lost the war the day that the free world backed Ukraine. The only person on all of planet Earth that does not know he lost the war is Putin himself.

Putin had run a perfect game his whole life. By being a piece of shit and trying to put the old USSR back together, like a bad kid who needs counseling trying to put his parent’s shitty marriage back together instead of accepting the divorce. Putin survived this way for years, being a nuisance but also not creating enough drama for the world to scold him for it. He lived all of his 70 years in the perfect asshole sweet spot. Where he could build Russia stronger pursue his unethical goals and stay under the radar of the United States and NATO. But, ultimately like all bullies and all dogs Putin had his day. He got way too comfortable meddling with Brexit and putting Trump in office with his massive influence campaigns. So he was power drunk and actually tried to invade a foreign country that neighbors a NATO member nation. The one thing the free world did wrong was let Putin get so rich. We underestimated how much damage he could do, and how many people he could influence once he became the richest man in the world. This is another reason why it’s imperative that we put Putin to sleep for good. He has too much money and is too evil to be trusted alive. End of story.

NATO nations remember Adolph Hitler and World War II all too well. They are not gonna let a dictator start rolling tanks through Europe without a full-fledged response and that’s exactly what happened in Ukraine. Putin’s own stupidity, arrogance, and complete lack of historical knowledge got him into this bloody war. The other main problem he found out when he got to war is that the Russian military and oligarchs screwed him royally. They took all of his money they were supposed to use to revamp the Russian military and spent it on yachts, mansions, and other luxury items. Poor Putin was left with his dick in his hands as his military gets completely obliterated on the battlefield by the leftover United States and NATO military equipment. We used to think Putin had the second-strongest military in the world. But, the truth is he isn’t even in the top ten. His military is disorganized, his weapons are archaic, and his troops are fat and untrained. The Putin military is a joke and the United States is using it for ammunition practice via the hands of the Ukrainian troops.

No One Will Care if We Kill Putin.

There will literally be parades in the streets of Russia!

It will look, just like Putin thought it would look when he invaded Ukraine and expected to be welcomed with confetti and champagne. Why we have not killed Putin yet is one of the biggest questions that I have to date. A lot of people died because of this man and we seem to treat him with kid gloves. It would be easy for the American military with our advanced technology to kill Putin. We could probably vaporize him or his entire palace with him in it from space lol. But, seriously I don’t know if the United States military leadership is buying this whole Putin is sick bullshit and just waiting for him to die? Or if they are just content with completely embarrassing Putin at war and destroying the entire Russian military and draft-age citizenry in the process?

It seems the current goal is to leave Putin with the weakest country on Earth. I know that may be the easier road than the calamity of killing a foreign leader, especially if you’re the United States. But, Putin is begging to be killed and it would send the right message across the globe to kill him. It would send a message to all dictators that this type of rogue invasionary behavior will never be accepted in the modern world. Killing Putin solves the Ukraine war, solves the problem in Russia, solves the Putin problem, and it shows the world that the United States is in charge and any rogue dictators will face swift and immediate justice. You kill Putin and you can watch China stand down, Iran run and hide, and North Korea stop testing nukes. Killing Putin is actually the exact message that the world needs.


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