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Maybe You Were Wondering What’s Up With the World’s Most Awful Man?

Well, he would be relentlessly bombing the people of Ukraine with literally any piece of flying junk he can throw at them from cruise missiles to shitty old Iranian drones. You could make the argument that Vladimir Putin gave up on winning the war and is just torturing the people of Ukraine at this point. All this week the fake Russian President and real-life Soviet Union enthusiast and Russian Dictator spent the week sending in swarms of missiles targeting the Ukrainian electricity grid and their water treatment systems. The Ukrainians thankfully have more and more air defense systems coming in every single day from other countries. But, they don’t stop every missile. On a good defensive stand they can maybe take down 40 of 50 missiles fired at them and that means that ten missiles still get through and make devastating impacts on Ukrainian infrastructure. These impacts do tremendous damage to the Ukrainians’ ability to survive the upcoming freezing winter and have left many Ukrainians without power or running water as the temperatures continue to drop. The attacks are so often that Ukraine has trouble fixing the damage and locating the complex parts needed before the next missile barrage comes crashing down on them. Russia has even blown up power facilities in the capital of Kyiv. You have to wonder how Putin thinks he is going to get the Ukrainians to join Russia after the way he has treated them? The way things are going now, I bet every Ukrainian would fight him till their very last breath for what he has done to them, their friends, and their families. Putin it seems is hell-bent on an unaccomplishable fool’s errand, built on pure ego and lack of historical knowledge, with no plan or rhyme and reason to his invasion in sight.


Why is Iran Helping Putin Fight the Ukrainians?

Is the leadership in Iran out of their minds? I guess they feel like they have nothing to lose since the United States can’t treat them any worse than they currently do. But, we need to get creative and find a way to punish them for this horrible geopolitical miscalculation that they have made. There must always be a punishment for killing innocent people. It is the baseline of decency in an advanced human civilization. We do not and should never allow the indiscriminate killing of innocent people at anytime or any place, end of story. Iran who wants the United States and its allies to stop blowing up its nuclear scientists. Has to understand that when they supply Putin, who is clearly running out of his own weapons, with more weapons to continue killing innocent Ukrainians, then there is going to be swift and severe repercussions for that. Supplying Putin, the Russian war monger, with hundreds of drones to continue his killing spree in Ukraine is completely unacceptable. It is also no way for Iran to build favor with the American Government or its allies. The United States Government said that no country will help Putin in his war effort without consequences. Now Iran has blatantly broken that warning and it’s time for things in Iran to start catching fire as a result. I would suggest starting with electricity plants and water treatment plants in Iran so that they can get a taste of their own medicine. I think we should do the same for Russia as well, and help the Ukrainians knock out a few power plants and water treatment facilities in Russian population centers as well. Because that is the only way to make Putin stop bombing their electricity plants and water treatment centers, eye for an eye is all this man understands. We need to give him a taste of his own medicine, which will also cause further unrest among the Russian people. Leave Moscow without water or power for a little while this winter and watch how fast Putin’s grip on political power falls apart. No electrical power, equals no political power, in a dictatorship.

Video of the Missile Strike on the Kharkiv Power Station in Ukraine

Russian missile and drone attacks have taken out at least half of Ukraine’s thermal generation power plant capacity, causing billions of dollars of energy infrastructure damage since the beginning of the war. Though now the attacks seem focused on taking out the country’s entire power grid before the ice-cold winter. According to Ukraine, not all power units hit have stopped working completely. But many have after attacks in October struck 30-40% of the country’s critical power infrastructure. The attacks seem to have no other goal except to deliver extreme amounts of human suffering on those who have already suffered so much. Putin’s plan seems to be, to cause so much suffering in Ukraine, that the world lets him off the hook just to stop him. To get the world to call a stalemate, and leave the battle lines drawn right where they are, with him leaving with a huge chunk of Ukraine. This however is unacceptable and should be unacceptable to every human being with blood in their veins and free air in their lungs. The only way this war ends is with the complete defeat of the Russian military, and God willing, with Putin’s head on a spike like Sadam Hussain. After what Putin has done, only the proper death of a dictator will do, and that death needs to be brought on post hast by all the countries of the free world. Letting this man murder and kill thousands of innocent people from the comfort of his kush palaces is a disgrace to humanity and should disgust every human being alive today. We all let Putin grow into the narcissistic murdering piece of shit that he is today. That’s why it’s up to all of us to burn his palaces to the ground and put a bullet in his head once and for all. This man is the new Hitler, history doesn’t repeat itself it rhymes. This isn’t a repeat of Hitler it’s a similar story! Instead of gas chambers, he uses missiles, drones, and winter to murder the innocent. We need to be smart enough to recognize what we are truly dealing with here and that is a man hell-bent on taking over the free world and destroying every democracy in it.

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