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Fort Lauderdale has always been a great place to live. The people here lead busy, fun, and productive lives which is why they need access to a fast yet effective way to get their hair done. While many choose to try dyeing their hair on their own, most people soon discover that it’s much better to have it done professionally. 

Here’s what you need to know about ColorOnly Salons and why they’re worth the trip. More specifically, you will learn why having a ColorOnly Salon membership beats dying your own hair every time.  

What to Know About ColorOnly Salon

The ColorOnly Salon has been helping people get their hair dyed quickly and professionally since the very beginning. It established itself as the place to go to get your hair dyed after distinguishing itself from other salons. 

One of the most common complaints people have when getting their hair dyed at a salon is that service is slow and it takes too long. Many people have turned away from hair salons because of how difficult it is to get an appointment. No one wants to fight tooth and nail just to get their hair dyed.  

ColorOnly Salon changed the way people think about getting their hair dyed. When you go to a ColorOnly Salon, you’re not just getting your hair dyed by a talented professional, you’re getting an experience. 

The ColorOnly Salon Experience

When you dye your hair by yourself with a taking a risk, when you have your hair dyed by a licensed professional at ColorOnly Salon, you’re benefitting from exceptional service. Getting your hair dyed at ColorOnly Salon is an enjoyable experience that keeps people coming back regularly. 

What’s so special about the ColorOnly Salon experience and why should people in Fort Lauderdale be excited about it? For starters, you won’t just be sat down and worked on by an inexperienced colorist in a rush, you’ll be assigned to a licensed colorist.

When you come to ColorOnly Salon, you will receive recommendations from a licensed colorist. Your colorist will run your desires in terms of what color you want to dye your hair against your hair type. By taking your hair type into account, your colorist can match you with the safest and most effective dye for your needs. 

After your colorist has determined the best dye for your hair, you’ll receive your dye from ColorOnly’s Express Mixing Machine Assistant. Once you have your custom dye, a trained professional will apply it to your hair before washing it and sending you on your way feeling as fabulous as ever. 

So why should the people of Fort Lauderdale be excited about ColorOnly Salon? You should be excited about it because you have access to a place that can transform your hair in roughly 30 minutes for an unbeatable price. That means you’ll never have to struggle with a DIY dye kit or have to fight for an appointment at an overbooked salon that takes forever to do your hair again. 

ColorOnly’s signature location in Coral Springs is roughly 30 miles or less from Fort Lauderdale. With such a close proximity, it only makes sense to sign up for a membership, especially after experiencing the pure talent of their licensed colorists for yourself. 

Dying Your Own Hair, Is it Worth the Risk?

Dying your hair isn’t just less convenient than having it done professionally, but it’s also dangerous. When you’re dying your hair by yourself, you will need to buy a kit. Many people experience allergic reactions to certain hair dyes. While a professional knows which types of hair dye to use and which ones not to use, the average layperson does not.

Allergic reactions aren’t the only risk associated with dying your own hair. Over-processing can occur when dying your own hair. This condition can cause your hair to be dull, brittle, and lackluster. To reverse the effects of overprocessing, you would have to cut off your hair and grow it back from scratch. 

All in all, one could argue that it’s both safer and more convenient to have your hair dyed professionally at a salon. That’s where ColorOnly Salon comes in. They know that life gets busy. They also understand the fact that as busy as your life may be, you still deserve professional care when it comes to your hair.  

Why Fran Drescher Supports ColorOnly 

Famous actress, comedian, and activist Fran Drescher was very particular about which brand she would endorse. She chose ColorOnly and she chose it for a reason. As someone who takes the substances that we use on our bodies and ultimately consume very seriously, she became the spokesperson for ColorOnly because the ingredients in their dyes are healthy, safe, and effective. 

Unlike other places that use dyes that take longer to work and deliver unsatisfactory results, ColorOnly has mastered the art of achieving perfect color with pristine dyes that are healthy to use. 

Not only can ColorOnly’s dyes change your hair color to the custom shade you’ve been dreaming of, but they also treat your hair while dying it. ColorOnly Salon’s ability to dye your hair quickly and professionally without damaging it has made it a brand worthy of Fran Drescher’s support. 

The ColorOnly Advantage

If you live in Fort Lauderdale, you owe it to your hair and yourself to experience the ColorOnly advantage. You should know that you don’t need to have a membership to make an appointment and try it out. 

ColorOnly made a name for itself by dying hair in the least amount of time while providing the largest selection of custom colors. The speedy yet attentive service and vast variety of colors make ColorOnly Salon a particularly attractive choice for thousands of people.

Despite its popularity, you won’t have any trouble securing an appointment. Without a membership, you can expect to pay a little more. In any case, it’s definitely worth a try, and once you see what all the hype is about, the decision to become an official member will be a no-brainer. 

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