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Casey Anthony Documentary As many Floridians are beginning to settle into spring with festivals and fun, a cloud of controversy is brewing in the sunshine state. Acquitted murder suspect Casey Anthony is currently residing in South Florida where a source claiming to be close to her has released information that Casey Anthony will be participating in a new documentary. This documentary is to focus on Casey Anthony finally “speaking her truth”. Even though this is about all the information we have on this documentary thus far, it is already digging up old wounds, anger, and debate.

It is quite ironic that “speaking her truth” is chosen as the catchphrase. Telling the truth is all that has been asked of Anthony since the beginning. Coming out with a documentary to “speak her truth” feels like an exploitation of Caylee Anthony’s tragic death in 2008. Do we really think Casey Anthony will come out with some new information that will shock us all? Or is this just a cash grab for Anthony who is clutching onto her claim of innocence and doing her best to stay relevant.

In Orlando Florida during 2008, Casey Anthony finally spoke some truth and admitted to her terrified parents that her daughter Caylee was kidnapped by her babysitter 31 days prior. This conversation occurred because Anthony’s parents confronted Casey since they had not seen or heard from their granddaughter in 31 days. This caused the grandparents great concern, a concern that Anthony clearly lacked. In the released 911 call of Anthony and her parents first reporting Caylee missing, it is glaringly obvious just how unconcerned Anthony was for the welfare of her own daughter. While her parents were full of panic and fear Anthony had no sense of urgency and almost seemed inconvenienced to even be making the call. Anthony’s indifference will come up several times through the remainder of this case.

As in many traumatic events, we know that everyone responds differently and sometimes the response can seem counter-intuitive to the “normal” or expected response. Whether you are a parent or not, if your child or any child has gone missing, one would assume it would cause alarm or SOME concern. Not only that but during those 31 days, Anthony was seen living her best life. She was out at bars, drinking, clearly not having a care in the world. She certainly was not concerned about her missing daughter, nor did she take any steps to find her like she told the police. It was very evident that she was living a childless life bound by no parental responsibilities.

Caylee Anthony’s body was found in late 2008 wrapped in a children’s blanket with duct tape over her mouth. She was suffocated to death. Many thought that this would be an open-closed case with the mountain of evidence against Anthony. However, this did not turn out the be the case. Unfortunately, the defense presented had similar qualities to Anthony herself. It was charismatic and grabbed the jury’s attention. The defense created as much doubt as they could while creating the most outlandish narratives in the attempt to prove Anthony’s innocence. In the end, this proved successful as Anthony was acquitted of murder.
From the beginning, Anthony has seemed to so thrive off of media attention as to give Jodi Arias a run for her money. When she first went to jail and was able to visit with her parents for the first time, her father greeted her warmly and told her “Hello beautiful!”. Anthony clapped back expressing how awful she looked and proceeded to speak about anything other than her missing daughter. Her parents tried to regain her focus and ask for information while Anthony was completely disinterested. She was more concerned about how she was presenting to her parents and the recorded interaction than the welfare of her missing daughter. During several interviews Anthony was seen being flirtatious with police, inquiring about media attention and acting as if she was completely untouchable.

There are many true crime enthusiasts and even lawyers that have taken to social media to express not only their disdain about Casey Anthony’s new documentary but the parallel between her and Amber Heard. The Amber Heard and Johnny Depp case has been going on for some time now and has recently gained a lot of social media traction. Between the hilarious memes and gross Heard stories, you can’t swipe without the content of this trial coming up. The main theme that is cropping up between the two women is how inclined they are to lie and how good they are at doing it.

It has been proven that Anthony would continuously lie without conscious. She has been calculating and manipulative all throughout the trial and even before it. Growing up Anthony got away with a lot of things that many typically would not get away with. When she stopped attending school when she was 18, she lied to her parents claiming some excuse that the school had some timing errors. Anthony’s parents either believed her or choose to brush it under the rug while proceeding to back their daughter and ensuring she did not have any consequences from not graduating. It seems Anthony has been “getting away with murder” since she was young.

Heard has also been caught in her fair share of lying. Heard is being questioned about the amount of money she claimed to give a charity versus what she actually has given. Heard has even been shown to lie about the brand and type of makeup she used to cover up bruises on her face from alleged abuse. Ironically the only charges Anthony did end up receiving were four counts of providing false information to law enforcement. Whereas she was charged for lying, her master skills in deceit and manipulation proved to win her freedom.

Are you looking forward to the new Casey Anthony documentary? Do you believe she will come out with more information or is this just another media grab? Anthony has been spotted all over South Florida in bars professing her desire to live a “normal” life. She continues to drink and party. Every few months Anthony will pop up in the media due to being spotted at a bar or from some small scandal like a bar fight. It seems that even though Anthony is claiming to want to lead a quiet simple life, she is still desperate to stay in the public’s eye as she maintains her innocence.

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